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The woodwind area prepares instrumentalists to have successful careers in music through emphasis on music fundamentals that enhance and apply to performance. At UNCG, students increase and fine-tune technical skills through guided practice and self-awareness, are encouraged toward their individual creative voice while developing deeper understanding of musical culture, and are shown how to develop practical personal and entrepreneurial skills necessary for a music career in the 21st century.
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The UNCG woodwind faculty consists of nationally and internationally recognized artists and teachers. BM, MM, PBC, and DMA degrees are offered in flute, oboe, clarinet, bassoon, saxophone, and in multiple woodwinds (those who perform on all of the woodwind instruments). Studio instruction from a dedicated teaching faculty thoroughly prepares graduates for careers as orchestral and band instrumentalists, soloists, chamber musicians, teachers and professors; UNCG alumni are members of symphony orchestras, top military bands, and also serve as teachers in elementary, secondary and university positions throughout the United States and abroad.

Degree Programs

UNCG offers the following degree programs for students interested in studying a Woodwind instrument:

Flute Faculty

Erika Boysen

Dr. Erika Boysen

Oboe Faculty

Headshot: Dr. Courtney Miller new assistant professor of oboe

Dr. Courtney Miller

Bassoon Faculty

Michael Burns

Dr. Michael Burns

Clarinet Faculty

Anthony Taylor

Dr. Anthony Taylor

Luke Ellard headshot

Dr. Luke Ellard

Saxophone Faculty

Dr. Steven Stusek