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All undergraduate music majors take a four- or five-semester sequence of music theory courses (Theory I – V) and a four-semester sequence of aural skills courses (Ear Training I – IV). They may also elect upper-level courses in Tonal Counterpoint (MUS 508) and Advanced Tonal Analysis (MUS 510).

Graduate courses are taken by music students in masters and doctoral degree programs as well as those in post-baccalaureate and post-masters certificate programs. Our graduate offerings include:

  • MUS 611 Seminar in Music Analysis (topic varies)
  • MUS 644 Pedagogy of Music Theory
  • MUS 660 Theory and Analysis of Rhythm
  • MUS 662 Schenkerian Analysis
  • MUS 664 Post-Tonal Theory
  • MUS 687 Aural and Keyboard Skills for Music Theory
  • MUS 690 Readings in Music Theory

All of the above are three-credit-hour courses except for MUS 687 which carries one credit hour and may be repeated. Please consult the Graduate Bulletin or Music Advising for more complete descriptions and current offerings. Graduate students in music performance or music education may apply these courses toward a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Music Theory or a Post-Masters Certificate in Music Theory Pedagogy.

Degree Programs

UNCG offers the following degree programs for students interested in studying Music Theory:

Graduate Programs

Music Theory Faculty

Guy Capuzzo

Dr. Guy Capuzzo

Gregory Caroll

Dr. Gregory Carroll

Jeff Ensign

Dr. Jeffrey S. Ensign

David Nelson

Dr. David Nelson

Adam Ricci

Dr. Adam Ricci