Undergraduate music majors take a four-semester sequence of music theory and ear-training courses.  They may also elect the upper-level courses Analysis of Music Since 1900 (MUS 301), Tonal Counterpoint (MUS 439), and Advanced Tonal Analysis (MUS 482).  View course descriptions.

Graduate courses in music theory are open to music students in master’s and doctoral degree programs as well as those in post-baccalaureate and post-master’s certificate programs who have passed the theory diagnostic exam. View a practice diagnostic exam at this link. Our graduate offerings include:

  • MUS 639: Tonal Counterpoint*
  • MUS 644: Pedagogy of Music Theory
  • MUS 660: Theory and Analysis of Rhythm
  • MUS 662: Schenkerian Analysis
  • MUS 664: Post-Tonal Theory
  • MUS 687: Aural and Keyboard Skills for Music Theory†
  • MUS 689: Practicum in Teaching Music Theory and Musicology†
  • MUS 690: Current and Historical Trends in Music Theory
  • MUS 692: Advanced Tonal Analysis*
  • MUS 707: Seminar in Musical Analysis (topic varies; may be repeated once for credit)

*Does not require passing the theory diagnostic exam
†One-credit courses with program restrictions

Please consult the University Catalog for more course descriptions and Course Registration for current offerings.

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