If you’ve decided that the College of Visual and Performing Arts is the right fit for you and your future, we’re glad to be your choice. Whether you’re seeking to join our Undergraduate, Masters, Doctoral or Certificate programs, the next step is to apply for admission. Your journey starts here.


For general information about the admission process in the CVPA, or if you’re unsure who to contact, please contact Sandra Barinowski 336-334-5581 or [email protected].


School of Art: Call 336-334-5248 or email [email protected].


Undergraduate: Call 336-334-5570 or [email protected].
Graduate: Dr. Ana Paula Höfling at (336) 334-3264 or [email protected].


Undergraduate: Sandra Barinowski at 336-334-5581 or [email protected].
Graduate: Dr. Catherine Keen Hock at 336-334-5794 or [email protected].


School of Theatre: Natalie Sowell at 336-334-4112 or [email protected].