Arts Administration Overview

You want to be a leader and make a difference. You want a successful life in the arts. UNCG’s Arts Administration Program can help you find your path to success. The Arts Administration Program develops the skills necessary for a career working in arts organizations, arts-related businesses and in your own creative endeavors. Arts Administration as a second major or minor works well with additional degree programs in the College of Visual and Performing Arts (Art, Dance, Music or Theatre) or a degree in another area of study at UNCG. The Arts Administration Program is also strong in entrepreneurship through its partnership with the Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNCG.



Arts Administration is a multifaceted field. In the Arts Administration Program at UNCG you will study subjects including leadership, management, organizational behavior, marketing, communications, fundraising, budgeting and finances, data science, law and more as it applies in the non-profit and for-profit arts sector. Please visit the Undergraduate Bulletin (link?) to see the curriculum for the major or minor in Arts Administration.

The Arts Administration internship is usually completed in course VPA 499, usually in a student’s senior year. UNCG offers many opportunities to gain professional experience in arts administration on campus and in the community to build your network. Your Arts Administration experience will include an internship with a professional arts organization to make connections and gain tangible work experience. Students and faculty collaborate to find the right internship placement for students based on their area of interest and areas of needed experience and growth potential.

Professional arts administration leadership positions in arts organizations such as theaters, performing arts centers, museums, galleries, ballet and dance companies, orchestras, choral and music groups, operas, arts councils, community arts organizations, arts education organizations, labor unions, professional associations, and philanthropic foundations include:

Executive Director/Managing Director/President/CEO ⧫ Artistic Director ⧫ Marketing Director ⧫ Development Director ⧫ Education Director ⧫ Community Outreach Director ⧫ Finance Director ⧫ Program Director ⧫ Orchestra Operations Manager ⧫ Curator ⧫ Cultural planner ⧫ Program Officer ⧫ Union Representative ⧫ Human Resources Director ⧫ Database/IT Director ⧫ Consultant ⧫ Grants writer

The Arts Administration Program is also strong in entrepreneurship through its partnership with the Bryan School of Business and Economics at UNCG – start your own arts business! Double majoring, minoring or taking courses in arts administration will also help you in creating a successful solo performance or visual arts career.

Arts Administration faculty and UNCG Career Services support students in finding school year and summer jobs, internships and post-graduation job searches.


Hannah Grannemann

Hannah Grannemann
Assistant Professor and Director of Arts Administration
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