The Bachelor of Arts in Arts Administration is an interdisciplinary liberal arts degree, combining leadership and management theory and training within a cultural and creative arts context. Intended to be pursued in conjunction with creative studies within home disciplines, this BA degree is ideal for students pursuing leadership and administrative roles within arts and cultural organizations across all major sectors, and works well as a second major with other BA degrees in creative disciplines.


  • ACC 201 Financial Accounting – Or – FIN 200 Introduction to Entrepreneurial Finance
  • AAD 202 Arts Admin and Entrepreneurship
  • AAD 301 Arts Management
  • AAD 310 Managing and Leading in the Arts
  • AAD 320 Arts Marketing
  • AAD 450 Careers in Arts Administration
  • ENT 300 Ideas to Opportunities: Feasibility Analysis – Or – PSC 311 The Nonprofit Sector and Governance
  • VPA 323 The Arts as Human Experience
  • AAD 498 Internship in Arts Administration and Entrepreneurship
  • 3 credits of an Arts Administration elective
  • 6 credits of Arts-Related courses
  • 6 credits of CVPA electives

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