Welcome CVPA Alumni

At the College of Visual and Performing Arts, our most important people are our students – not just the young minds beginning their artistic journeys, but the distinguished alumni whose footsteps they’re following in. You’ve used your hands to sculpt, your body to dance, your eye to compose, your voice to perform, your heart to create – but most of all, your spirit has nurtured your own artistic and creative journey, and it informs everything we do and teach the next generations.

We’re proud to have been a part of your journey. It’s a relationship we cherish, and one we hope to continue with you as you move through your life and career. As distinguished alumni of our creative schools, your experiences and successes continue to inform our mission and inspire the lessons we teach the next generations of artists and creators. Your voice is as important to us now as it was during your education, and we hope you’ll continue to engage with us, our faculty, and the students who are following your lead and exploring their dreams.

Here you can find ways to stay involved and engaged, learn how you can help nurture the next generations of Spartan artists, and keep us and your fellow alumni community up-to-date on you and your journey. Welcome back – we look forward to continuing this journey with you.


As an alumnus of one of our creative schools, you’re one of the pillars of the College of Visual and Performing Arts community. You’re an ambassador for our programs, and an inspiration to the students now pursuing their artistic dreams with us. We value our relationship with you, and your continued involvement with your alma mater is important to us and the students following in your footsteps.

Here are some ways you can stay involved:

  • Give to CVPA. Your gifts help sustain our programs and extend opportunities to students and future artists.
  • Come Back to Campus for a Performance, Concert, or Exhibition. You’ve been a part of some of the many performances and events CVPA has hosted over the years – now you can help support the next generation of upcoming artists, and experience the exciting talent we’re nurturing.
  • Attend a Regional Alumni Event.  CVPA hosts Alumni Events in the Triad and Triad regions of North Carolina, as well as in the western and coastal parts of the state.  Alumni Events are also held annually in Atlanta, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington, DC.  To stay informed of events near you, please update us with your contact information using this form.
  • The Distinguished Alumni Award. Every other year, we invite several of our most accomplished alumni back to campus to receive the Distinguished Alumni Award, honoring outstanding achievement in artistic performance, research and education.
  • Share Your News. We want to hear about your successes, achievements, the personal milestones you’ve achieved. You’re an inspiration to our students, and we want to celebrate your successes as a community.

Thanks for being part of our community. We look forward to continuing to support, create and inspire with you!


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