How Can you Support CVPA Students?

Please consider investing in the exceptional students at the college of Visual and Performing Arts. Your support can make the financial difference that it takes for students to have this extraordinary educational opportunity. Below are a variety of options for making your gift:

The College of Visual and Performing Arts is the largest visual and performing arts unit in the state, providing comprehensive educational and professional opportunities to our students. Beyond world-class educational opportunities and community arts outreach and support, we also provide academic, travel and professional development scholarships for our students. It’s a big, important commitment, and our ability to continue providing a progressive home for arts education depends on the support of our alumni and the arts community. Your gift to CVPA can make a critical difference to the future of arts education in our state, and help support the next generations of rising young artists.

If you’re considering making a significant donation or bequest, please contact David Huskins, the Director of Development for the College of Visual and Performing Arts, at 336-256-0166, or [email protected].

Options to Give to CVPA

Give Online

Fast, easy, and secure. Use our online form and your Visa or MasterCard to make a gift to your area of choice.

Dancers Performing Spring 2022

Mail Your Gift

Give by check or credit card. Fill in the form, enclose a check, or include your American Express, Visa, or MasterCard information. Mail your gift, and make an immediate impact on the University.

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Stock Gift

Transferring stock is simple and has many tax benefits. Contact Director of Development David Huskins at 336-256-0166 for special handling instructions for stock transfers.

2022 Spring Dances dress rehearsal.

Monthly Plan

Using a monthly installment plan make giving easy. Fill in the giving commitment form, enclose a voided check, and mail it to UNCG.

How Can My Gift Help?

Your gift to CVPA helps provide personal and program support to our students and the arts communities we work with. We’d like to introduce you to some of CVPA’s Distinguished Alumni, with their personal stories of how giving to CVPA impacted their education and their career.

Here are some examples of how your support makes a real difference.

Scholarship Programs

Every year, the College of Visual and Performing Arts awards over $260,000 in scholarships to talented artists who become future artists, educators, choreographers, designers, musicians, and performers. CVPA awards scholarships solely on merit, enabling the School to attract and nurture the finest young scholars and performers. Too often, especially at the graduate level, talented students are forced to bypass CVPA programs, instead accepting offers from schools or conservatories that can offer them more lucrative financial awards. Generous talent-based scholarships and fellowships help CVPA recruit these gifted and creative individuals – students who inspire their peers, challenge their professors and mentors, and add immeasurably to the artistic environment of the school and our community.

Program Support

The College of Visual and Performing Arts is committed to continuing its tradition of supporting arts innovations and programs long into the future. Program support allows the School to fund the core departmental needs of faculty, while also providing necessary money for new discoveries and priorities. Your support helps enable CVPA to offer arts program enhancements that make a real difference to our students and the arts community: artists-in-residence, Greensboro Project Space, student travel for competition purposes, ensemble travel and touring, opera production, chamber music, and the Miles Davis Jazz Studies Program, to name just a few.