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The percussion program at UNCG is designed to transform students into marketable, professional musicians by offering instruction and experiences that develop musicianship, creativity and professionalism. Diverse opportunities in ensembles and private lessons give students the broad base of knowledge needed to become well-rounded twenty-first century percussionists. In addition, each student’s plan of study is carefully and thoughtfully individualized to align with their long-term career goals. The UNCG percussion program is housed in an expansive, modern facility that was designed specifically for percussionists. It includes a vast and comprehensive inventory of percussion equipment, which gives students the opportunity to foster their musical and professional abilities. Beyond campus, the Triad area of North Carolina offers students ample professional performing and teaching opportunities. UNCG percussion graduates have found success as public, private and collegiate educators, drum set artists, freelance musicians, recording artists, composers/arrangers and percussion soloists.

Questions about percussion studies at UNCG should be directed to Dr. Eric Willie at [email protected] or (336) 334-5186.

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Degree Programs

UNCG offers the following degree programs for students interested in studying Percussion:

Percussion Faculty

Eric Willie

Dr. Eric Willie

Percussion Facilities at UNCG

drum-set-practice-roomThe percussion studio is part of a 26 million dollar music building which is the largest academic building on campus and is among the finest music facilities in the nation. We have our own percussion rehearsal hall used solely for percussion ensemble, small chamber groups, small recitals, masterclasses, repertoire class and private lessons. We also have 6 practice rooms, each equipped with at least two large percussion instruments (marimba, vibraphone, xylophone, timpani, drum set, etc.), and 2 larger practice rooms used for small ensembles, chamber groups, and lessons. These include dedicated rooms for orchestral excerpts and multiple-percussion.


Percussion Rehearsal Hall
Two 5-octave marimbas (Yamaha and Marimba One)
Four 4 -1/3 octave marimbas (Musser and Kori)
Three vibraphones (Musser Pro-Vibe)
Two rosewood xylophones (Yamaha and Musser)
Two Fall Creek glockenspiels (One wide bar)
Two sets of chimes
Set of 5 Walter Light timpani
Three concert bass drums
5-piece Yamaha drum set
Full set of steel drums
Set of Cooperman frame drums
Set of West African drums
Several congas and bongos
Two sets of 8 concert toms
Two octaves of crotales
Various opera, wind, button gongs, and tam-tams
Various snare drums, including six Pearl Philharmonic
Wide assortment of cymbals and accessory instruments
Grand piano

Practice Rooms
Five 5-octave marimbas (Yamaha, Marimba One, and Adams)
Two vibraphones (Yamaha)
Two xylophones (Malletech and Deagan)
Fall Creek glockenspiel
One set of 4 Walter Light timpani
One set of 4 Ludwig timpani
Various concert snare drums
5-piece Yamaha drum set
Several multiple percussion set-ups, as needed
Various world percussion instruments
Various accessory instruments
Upright piano

Band/Orchestra Rehearsal Hall
Full set of percussion equipment comparable to the Percussion Rehearsal Hall so no instruments travel to and from the percussion complex

Percussion Ensemble

The UNCG Percussion Ensemble performs a diverse repertoire, allowing students to experience a broad range of percussion music from Western and non-Western traditions. Programs include smaller chamber works (trios, quartets, quintets) as well as larger conducted works. Dr. Neeraj Mehta, the ensemble director, cultivates an environment where students are fully engaged and contribute to all aspects of the percussion ensemble experience. This creates the opportunity for the exchange of musical ideas, development of effective chamber skills, and the creation of unique interpretations of music. As members of the ensemble, students also have the opportunity to participate in the West African Ensemble and Steel Band. The UNCG Percussion Ensemble performs two concerts per year and also participates in schoolwide events, such as the annual Collage Concert. Off campus, the ensemble regularly performs at P.A.S. “Days of Percussion” in North Carolina.

Recent repertoire highlights include:

Threads (Paul Lansky), Tin Play (Per Andreasson), Sculpture in Wood (Rudiger Pawassar), Ionisation (Edgar Varese), Nordic Peace (Tobias Bostrom), Dusk (Dave Samuels), Metroplex Drive (Anders Astrand), Sonata No. 2 “Woodstock” (Peter Schickele), Gasoline Rainbow (Adam Silverman), Jose Before John 5 (Aurel Hollo), Ogoun Badagris (Christopher Rouse), and Living Room Music (John Cage)

The Percussion Ensemble is directed by Dr. Eric Willie.