Summer Somatics: Dynamic Observation and Embodiment

Summer Somatics: Dynamic Observation and Embodiment with Martha Eddy is designed for dance educators and movement practitioners interested in increasing their movement performance, personal somatic-awareness, and how these merge to deepen creative capacity as educators.

Dr. Eddy introduces two of the most popular somatic methods used in the arts today - Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) and Body-Mind Centering® (BMC), and does so by sharing her unique 40 year LMA–BMC blend called Dynamic Embodiment™, a form of Somatic Movement Education and Therapy. Each participant explores initiating movement from different anatomical sources, learns to observe the different dynamics of movement they induce and practices assessment of their performance.

In short, this course

  1. bridges somatic practice and dance education
  2. engages in the experiential learning of anatomy & physiology using Body-Mind Centering
  3. practices astute observation and "naming" of movement using the framework of Laban Movement Analysis
  4. includes hands-on somatic work as one way to deepen understanding and to integrate daily movement experiences

Special Features:

  1. practicing how to handle conflict and violence using somatic dance methods. improve attention in the classroom, or to enhance learning of any movement or subject through bringing more health consciousness and pleasure to dancing
  2. book talk on Dr. Eddy's book Mindful Movement - the evolution of the somatic arts and somatic awareness
  3. lectures on using Dynamic Embodiment Somatic Movement Therapy with adults, children, and people dealing with illness, injury, movement challenges, and communication through the art of dance (with video samples).

Teachers and practitioners will have time to build their own explorations or lessons to address their choice of affective, cognitive, perceptual, kinesthetic, aesthetic objectives through movement.

This course's curriculum is rooted in experiential exercises and is supported through lectures, practicum experiences and readings.