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Minor in Drama

The Minor in Drama emphasizes that theatre is a discipline involving three basic factors: talent, study, and practice.

The Minor in Theatre Management is an 18-hour program designed for students interested in pursuing managerial or artistic leadership roles in the theatre industry. It is a well-rounded theoretical and practical program that prepares students for related graduate-level study and/or professional experience. Students are required to complete fundamental courses and the Theatre Management Practicum to gain valuable hands-on experience as part of the degree.

Minor in Musical Theatre

This minor is intended to provide introductory performance-related experiences for performing arts students not in the BFA theatre degree tracks. Students in the BFA theatre degree tracks may be able to earn a minor in musical theatre by taking 15 credit hours in the more advanced offerings in musical theatre.

Minor in Technical Theatre

The technical theatre minor is designed for students who have an interest in theatre production and wish to enhance their course of study in another major by exploring courses in design and technical theatre. UNCG School of Theatre’s technical theatre course work allows you to gain an understanding of the skills and tools essential to working on the technical side of a theatre production.

The Minor in Arts Administration

The Minor in Arts Administration is an 18-hour program designed to complement study in a wide range of arts fields, including music, theatre, dance, visual arts, creative writing, communications, media studies, and business. A Minor in Arts Administration is a great addition to a degree in another area of study in the College of Visual and Performing Arts (Art, Music, Dance or Theatre). It will assist you throughout your life in having a successful and well-rounded career in the arts, as a performer, visual artist, technician, entrepreneur or administration.