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Alpha Psi Omega National Theatre Honor Society (ΑΨΩ) is an American recognition honor society for participants in collegiate theatre, and was founded at Fairmont State University in 1925 by Professor Paul F. Opp.

The University of North Carolina at Greensboro is home to the Zeta Omega cast, which is composed of undergraduate theatre students. The Zeta Omega cast provides a consistent pool of undergraduate volunteers for the UNCG School of Theatre, sells concessions in the lobby of every season production, and facilitates end-of-year festivities for the School of Theatre annually, and provides service in the community.

We undertake additional responsibilities as well (producing student work, maintaining theatre rehearsal spaces, etc.), and are always seeking new and exciting ways to engage our members with faculty, other students, and the Greensboro community at large.

Triumph Theatre


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Triumph Theatre is a student-led, university-sponsored theatre collective. As an organization, we want to provide students from all backgrounds and skill-sets to have the opportunity and venue to create in whatever shape they see fit. We, as a company, decide on a semester season, collaborate together as artists, and produce work for the community to see.

Tri sees theatre as a field that requires work and collaboration, and we strive to be the avenue for students to come together and engage with one another to create and become working artists.



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P.O.C. Mission Statement: To ensure a safe space for students to freely express themselves artistically in a growing and collaborative environment bringing awareness and appreciation of cultures of color to all races.

Members will experience:
A diverse, driven and positive group that supports all UNCG’s artists.
Arts-centered events that promote community building and service.
Access to opportunities to get involved in the local visual/performing arts scene, (independent film auditions, local choir auditions, etc.)
Open dialogue about the Visual/Performing Arts industries (How to get in? What’s wrong? How can we change it for the better?)
Education on cultures other than their own and the communities that surround them.