UNCG Libraries Research and Application webinars are scheduled for the Fall 2022 semester. These 30 minutes webinars about UNCG libraries research and its applications are also recorded and available on YouTube after the session through the UNCG Libraries webinars page.

Sessions for Fall 2022

  • “Publishing Support in the University Libraries” by Anna Craft, Tuesday September 20th at 11am
  • “Intro to Twine” by Maggie Murphy, Tuesday October 25th at 1pm
  • “Streaming Video: What Platforms Do the University Libraries Offer?” by Christine Fischer and Anne Owens, Tuesday, November 15 at 11am
  • “Research Data Management Planning” by Lindsay Gypin and Lea Leininger, Wednesday November 30th at 2pm
  • “Helping students think about how they learn: Integrating Habits of Mind into classroom teaching” by Jenny Dale, Thursday December 1st at 11am
Sign up for these sessions here. These webinars are also listed on the UNCG workshops page and are tagged as University Libraries , Faculty Professional Development , and Graduate Students. If you register you will receive a link to the Zoom session the morning of the webinar, so be sure to mark your calendars after you sign up.