Christal Brown teaching

Commencement Profile:James Stryska BM Performance: Composition

James Stryska came to UNC Greensboro wanting to make music—not just play music—but create it:

“I’ve always been interested in composition because I have this astonishment about how music is constructed. As far back as sixth grade band, after we played a piece in class, I would go home and look up the score online and listen to a professional recording and start to see how the notes came together to make a song work. That’s what drew me to writing music, and the more I did it, the more I loved it because it was a way to put myself in the music and create with others and for others.”

He also arrived here knowing exactly what kind of music he wanted to compose: (more…)

Commencement Profile:Jordan Speas BFA Drama: Acting

It all started in kindergarten. Five-year old Jordan Speas walked into his music class, struck a pose, and joyfully and loudly announced, “This is where we come to sing!”

And now, many school years later, Speas is still singing. And dancing. And acting. The spark that started in elementary school has grown stronger with each passing year: (more…)

Commencement Profile: Cortney Vartanian BFA Dance: Choreography/ Performance w/K-12 Licensure

Dance is an art form that, in many cases, requires performers to move as an ensemble. Cortney Vartanian knows the importance of esprit de corps, but she’s also learned the value in making the choreography your own.

“Our professors preached individuality. They encouraged us to find our own voice here. We are all going through the same program, but as dancers we are different and need to express that.” (more…)

School of Art Alumna Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship

UNCG Greensboro’s College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) alumna Jane South has been awarded the prestigious Guggenheim Fellowship.   

South is currently the Chair of Fine Arts at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York, and before that she taught at the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD).   She studied Painting and Sculpting in the CVPA School of Art, and received her MFA in 1997.

She says, “My time at UNCG was invaluable in helping me hone my craft as an artist, and I am grateful to all the faculty and staff that supported me.” (more…)