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The International Program Center is dedicated to finding the right program for each student, and the huge array of partner universities allow them to do just that. Please call (336) 334-5404 or stop by IPC – 207 Foust to schedule an appointment to meet with a study abroad advisor. Some Schools within the College of Visual and Performing Arts also provide additional resources to support studying abroad. Please connect with your major advisor for more information.

There is no formal approval process for students that wish to study abroad. Contact the International Program Center and speak with your major advisor to get things started.

All of our disciplines have worked with the International Program Center to create informational flyers for students interested in studying abroad. Check those out and connect with your major advisor for more information.

Yes. CVPA regularly offers short-term study abroad experiences, typically in the summers, for students wishing to focus on their arts discipline. For example, the UNCG Wind Ensemble recently staged a performance tour of continental Europe. Fourteen UNCG dancers participated in the Franciscan “Day of Forgiveness” in Perugia, Italy. The School of Art sponsors a trip to Italy (see below) on even-year summers. Additional experiences are crafted by faculty members and announced internally for interested students.

Lloyd International Honors College (LIHC) has agreed that any International Honors student going abroad on a semester or year-long exchange program will meet their LIHC international experience requirement. For students who take part in short term summer programs, the individual program must meet the approval of the LIHC committee. A list of approved short term programs can be found on this LIHC web site. Some experiences offered through the college, like the School of Art’s Italy trip, are approved; others may be in process. You can find out by contacting the faculty member(s) organizing the trip!

2022 UNCG School of Art Summer Study Abroad: Florence, Italy

On this 4-week immersive program students will enroll in a total of 6 credits of art history and/or drawing courses taught on location in Florence, the most important of Renaissance cities. Through invaluable first-hand encounters with art at historic churches, museums and galleries, Renaissance villas and palaces, students will develop a deep understanding of art’s context, materiality and cultural function, both past and present. Students will also gain a better appreciation for the historical relevance of Florence as an artistic center and the interconnectedness of Italian visual culture and daily life in the modern city of today.


June 5-July 2, 2022


Each student will have their own bed within shared, fully-equipped apartments inside the historic center of Florence, a short walk from most major sites. Small grocery stores, fruit stands, bakeries, affordable restaurants and banks with ATMs are all nearby. In Rome we will stay two nights at a hotel within the city’s historic center.

Detail of marble floor in San Miniato al Monte, Florence, Italy
Detail of marble floor in San Miniato al Monte, Florence, Italy


Students will enroll in ARH 395 and another course of their choosing. All courses are 3 credits.

  • ARH 395: Florence and the Medici
  • ARH 400: Independent Study*
  • ART 322: Variable Topics in Drawing/Artist Sketchbook: Methods & Making

*Available only to art history majors who have fulfilled their Studio requirement. For more course details see program website.


The program’s common course, ARH 395, surveys the art and architecture commissioned by the Medici in the early 15th century until the death of Grand Duke Cosimo II in 1621, while both drawing courses will directly engage the city’s Renaissance and modern environment as both subject and inspiration. The group will collectively visit sites including the Palazzo Vecchio, the Uffizi Gallery, San Lorenzo, San Marco, and the Bargello. We also visit St. Peter’s and the Vatican Museums in Rome, the Cathedral and Palazzo Pubblico of Siena.

Additional sites to be visited in Florence include:

  • Accademia (Michelangelo’s David)
  • Brancacci Chapel, Sta. Maria del Carmine
  • Palazzo Pitti, including the Galleria Palatina
  • Florence Cathedral (il Duomo)
  • Medici Palace and the Chapel of the Magi
  • Santa Croce (including museum)
  • The Medici Tombs of Michelangelo

Other places students might consider visiting

  • PISA

Weekly Class Schedule

Classes are held Monday-Thursday.  Friday through Sunday are open to allow students time to travel.  There will be a trip to Rome that will take place over a weekend.

Approximate cost

$4200.  These costs include tuition and lodging as well as the cost of trips associated with classes.  Additional costs not included: airfare, books, art supplies, additional trips, food, spending money

* UNCG reserves the right to cancel or change program content or costs in case of conditions beyond its control.


Dr. Heather Holian PhD. Indiana University, 2001. Dr. Holian teaches the art history of Ancient Rome, Medieval Europe, Renaissance Italy and American animation studios. She is particularly interested in the Medici of Florence, and especially the 16th C. portraiture of this dynasty’s female members, about which she has published several articles. Dr. Holian has lived in Florence and considers it a second home. Her favorite art experience in Florence is seeing Jacopo Pontormo’s Deposition in Sta. Felicita on a hot, sunny day, followed by a gelato, of course! Dr. Holian may be contacted directly at

Dr. Anthony Cuda, Ph.D. Emory University, 2004. Dr. Cuda is a scholar of modern poetry and modernist literature with parallel interests in Italian literature and culture. He teaches classes in twentieth-century poetry but also in the Commedia, the medieval epic poem by Florence’s most renowned exile, Dante Alighieri. He studied in Rome as an undergraduate, when he learned to speak Italian; visits Italy, and Florence in particular, every chance he gets; and is proud to have relatives in Calabria in Southern Italy. You can reach him directly at

Prof. Kate Gordon MFA University of North Carolina at Greensboro, 2017. Gordon teaches introductory through advanced levels of Drawing with an emphasis on the manipulation and construction of the human figure. Gordon’s work currently focuses on the creation of dream-based painted dioramas that investigate how video and animation can overlap with the drawing process.  She studied at the Universita Internazional dell’Arte in Venice, Italy with Pratt Institute in 2009. She will lead the Art 322 Variable Topics in Drawing/Artist Sketchbook: Methods & Making which will provides students an opportunity to use the city of Florence as the studio and their sketchbooks as the focal point of their artistic attention.