Art History and English Major Eliza Rosebrock wins Award

Posted on March 19, 2019

Art History and English double major Eliza Rosebrock won the Special Award for
First Prize in the Arts & Humanities category at the 2019 Honors Symposium in
early March. Her award-winning research paper entitled, “Is Cleanliness Close to
Godliness? The Restoration of the Sistine Chapel Ceiling Frescoes,” developed from
her project of the same name, which she completed as an Honors Contract Course
requirement for Dr. Heather Holian’s art history class, ARH 322: Art of the Italian
High Renaissance and Maniera, 1480-1600 during the Spring of 2018.

Eliza also recently received the prestigious and highly competitive Student
Excellence Award for 2019, which is the highest academic honor given at the
University of North Carolina, Greensboro and is awarded by the Lloyd International
Honors College.

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