Student’s in Assistant Professor Rachel Riley’s New Media and Design class Image Sequencing were asked to create a series of time-based interpretations of a subject by documenting experience, vision, and thought. Students were encouraged to think about Framing by exploring how they present visual elements in an image; Structure by directing the viewer’s response by varying the length of shots, creating repetition, flow, and action; and Material by exploring inherent and expressive qualities of working with a video signal using color, light, time, and space.

Featuring work by:

Jaclyn Coble
Ziqi Wu
Nayeli Campos-Franco
Austin Garner
Conner Esposito
Lauren Hale
Mia Jones
Brendan Bostwick
Antwain Hairston
Willow Love
Jackson Israel
J’Waye Covington
Irvin Maldonado