FRIDAY MARCH 17– please join us in person for a once-in-a-lifetime acoustic installation of some of the Triad’s most innovative musicians!
Greensboro Project Space  219 West Lewis Street  7:30pm

Lovesphere 22 Improvisation Installation and Broadcast-  Free, on WUAG 103.1 FM in Greensboro or streaming here.
Musicians ANYWHERE are invited to record themselves accompanying the broadcast (just hold your headphones up to your mic when you hear the Synchronization Claps, then send your recordings to for an eventual mixdown!)

The GPS (Greensboro Project Space) will be loaded with improvising musicians, each of whom carries a transistor radio.  At 8pm, Lovesphere will broadcast a live solo musician— the great Laurent Estoppey— from WUAG-FM (with the help of DJ Tad of The Old Songs), and the musicians at GPS and across the world will accompany them.  So, as one walks through the gallery, one can hear the same lead instrument with a constantly shifting rhythm section.  Also, other musicians and groups can accompany from home or across the country, and we will later collect some of these recordings and mix them together— making it the largest recording studio ever created. Musicians include Gil Frey, Bryan Crott and David Doyle of the F-Art Ensemble of Greensboro, Ben Singer of Modern Robot, David Menestres of Polyorchard, Dan Ruccia of Cyanotype, Vattel Cherry (the legend), Luke Rose (In ’N’ Out), Nicholas Rich (Collappss) Sara Jane Mann of Van Reipen Collective and 1=0, and Andrew Beach.  Also, performance artist Lu Xu will be pounding luminous imaginary textiles into existence while oscillating the wheel of life.