• Only a parent or guardian may make application for the UNCG Summer Music Camp online.
  • During the opening week of registration, the system can be under heavy load in the early morning. Please be patient.
  • We strongly recommend using a computer or tablet to complete the application.
  • You must provide us with the full name and valid email address of your child’s music teacher (band/orchestra/choir director or private instructor). Applications missing this information WILL NOT be processed. Incorrect email addresses will only delay your application. Please be certain the address is correct. 
  • You may not apply earlier than your registration day as listed on the previous page. Do not bother trying until the appropriate day.
  • Chrome, Safari, and Firefox web browsers are the best and most stable with the application system. Please use one of these web browsers. Once again, mobile devices are NOT an option.

Please DO NOT apply for two weeks of camp as a way of increasing your chances of being accepted. This will have no effect and only creates confusion! If your selected week has filled when your application is reviewed, we will contact you if space is available in the other week. Only apply for two weeks if you intend to attend BOTH weeks of Summer Music Camp.
Slow down and be as accurate as possible. Inaccuracies or typographical errors will only slow down the processing of your application!
Grade is determined by the CURRENT (2023–24) school year. No “rising” grades.