Anyone is welcome to apply for the UNCG Summer Music Camp Staff. We do hire many UNCG Music majors because our Music School is very large (600 music majors) and because we know these students very well. Each year, we receive applications from all around the United States and a few foreign countries.

An applicant’s specialty, their instrument or voice type, is also a part of the hiring decision as we have many sectional rehearsals to cover.

One hundred percent of the UNCG Summer Music Camp Staff are career musicians: music teachers, artist-performers, and those pursuing music degrees from the bachelors degree through the doctorate. We have a large number of returning staff members each summer including some who have worked for twenty or more years. Because of that, we only need a relatively small number of new employees each summer.

Newly hired counselors, private lesson teachers, classroom teachers and conductors are subject to a confidential criminal background check conducted by UNCG.

In all, we hire about 170 staff members including the conductors, counselors and support staff.

Staff Applications Due April 1, 2024

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Representative Faculty


Erika Boysen, UNCG
Janet Phillips, Danville, VA


Courtney Miller, UNCG
Anna Lampidis Glantz, Greensboro, NC


Anthony Taylor, UNCG
Luke Ellard, UNCG
Cat Keen Hock, UNCG


Michael Burns, UNCG
Jack Fanning, UNCG


Steven Stusek, UNCG
Chad Eby, UNCG
Taiki Azuma, Greensboro, NC


Abigail Pack, UNCG
Elliott Stanger, UNCG


Garrett Klein, UNCG
Rob Elliott, UNCG
Ed Gunther, UNCG


Randy Kohlenberg, UNCG
Daniel Rice, UNCG
Michael Long, Greensboro, NC

Tuba and Euphonium

Stephanie Ycaza, UNCG


Eric Willie, UNCG
McKayla Phillips, UNCG


Marjorie Bagley, UNCG
Fabián López, UNCG
Stephanie Ezerman, Greensboro, NC


Scott Wyatt Rawls, UNCG
David Phillips, UNCG


Alex Ezerman, UNCG
Miguel Zaparolli, UNCG

Double Bass

Craig Brown, NC Symphony & UNCG
Cody Rex, UNCG


Jungho Kim, UNCG
Rebecca MacLeod, UNCG
Donald Walter, Greensboro, NC
David Pope, Cleveland Heights, OH
Sally Ross, Hickory, NC
Joel Wenger, Greensboro, NC
Sarah Russell, Matthews, NC


Welborn Young, UNCG
Carole Ott, UNCG
Jayme Updike Wood, Greensboro, NC
Donna Rendely, Greensboro, NC
Eric Johnson, Madison, NC


Paul Stewart, UNCG
Joseph DiPiazza, UNCG
John Salmon, UNCG
Andrew Willis, UNCG
James Douglass, UNCG
Diane Higgins, Charlotte, NC
Donna Sanders, Myrtle Beach, SC
Thomas Swenson, Jamestown, NC
Wei Jiao, Salisbury, NC
André Duvall, Memphis, TN
Frank Pittman, Durham, NC
Elizabeth Davis, Columbia, SC
Natalie Khatibzadeh, UNCG
Daniel Seyfried, UNCG
Anja Arko, UNCG
Pamela Mullins, Matthews, NC
Akiko Yamazaki, Hillsborough, NC


Emily Ford-Coates, UNCG
Nathaniel Olson, Greensboro, NC

Musicianship Class

Ron Ford, UNCG
Jennifer Duerkoop, Atlanta, GA
Josh Follweiler, Madison, NC


Jonathan Caldwell, UNCG
Jennifer Stewart Walter, UNCG
Tiffany Hitz, Potomac, MD
Tracy Humphries, Monroe, NC
Heather Turner, Rock Hill, SC
Chris Ferguson, Salisbury, NC
Tom Jenner, Raleigh, NC
Melody Causby, Franklinton, NC
Robert Hunter, Cary, NC
Charlie Burts, Springfield, VA
Patricia Hughes Ball, Pfafftown, NC
Josh Cvijanovic, Asheboro, NC
Sean Smith, Hendersonville, NC
Rodney Workman, Lexington, NC
Alyssa Montgomery, Raleigh, NC
Jim Kirkpatrick, Asheville, NC
Renee Todd, Wake Forest, NC
David Wortman, Hickory, NC
Margie Harrison, Raleigh, NC
Brian Myers, Apex, NC