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How do I apply to the School of Music as an incoming freshman, transfer, or returning student?

First, apply to UNC Greensboro by visiting admissions.uncg.edu. Please list Music as a major of interest. After completing this application, you will be directed to complete the secondary application for the School of Music.

Why do I have to apply to the School of Music? I already listed Music as my major on my university application.

Most of our degree programs require that you complete an audition for acceptance into the School of Music. The application allows you to list the programs to which you are interested in applying and also allows you to select your Audition Date.

I plan to be a Music Minor (without lessons). Do I still need to audition?

No. If you plan on pursuing private lessons in your Minor in Music degree, you will have to complete the application and audition process. Music Minors not interested in private lessons do not need to complete the secondary application for the School of Music.

Am I able to apply and audition for more than one instrument and/or degree program?

Yes. If you would like to audition on a secondary instrument, this may be indicated on the application. You may also select more than one program of interest on your university application.

I would like to audition for the Voice studios, but I do not know what you mean by ‘standard art song repertoire.’ Will you give me examples?

We encourage you to reach out to our Voice Area faculty with questions about audition repertoire. They will be able to help assist you with this information for the admissions cycle.

How do I apply for music scholarships?

A separate application for undergraduate or graduate student scholarships is not necessary. Scholarships are offered and awarded based upon the application and audition. To qualify, you must audition no later than the last audition date. Late auditions will not be considered for scholarships.

Can my scholarship offer be increased if I audition for more than one studio?

Students awarded a scholarship from the School of Music will only receive one award/offer. Those who audition for multiple studios may be recommended for scholarships by faculty from each studio, but the faculty will collaborate to create a single offer.

How many times can I audition for the School of Music?

You are eligible to apply a total of two (2) times to the School of Music in separate academic years. Should you apply in the Spring and be denied admission, you may apply and audition for the subsequent Fall semester since it is within a new academic year.


When will I receive my audition time?

We will be able to provide you with a time when you check in on your scheduled audition day during Registration/Check-In time from 7:45–8:25 AM. There will also be information on the location of your audition room.

Will I have time to warm up?

There will be time for you to warm-up in our Practice Rooms after check-in. Auditions will not start until 9:30 AM, so there is time for you to visit one of these rooms before your assigned audition time(s).

What else can I expect from my audition day? What will my parents do while I’m auditioning?

In addition to the audition there will be a welcome meeting, some performances, meet and greet the faculty, parent information meetings, and building tours. Music Education majors can expect an interview with our faculty. We will also have an optional keyboard piano proficiency exam available.

Will I need to provide an accompanist? (Voice Applicants)

We will provide an accompanist on your audition day. Please be sure to bring an extra clean copy of your music for them to use. You may also bring/provide your own accompanist if you wish. Popular Music and Technology (PopTech) vocalists can use a pre-recorded instrumental track or sing a cappella for their auditions.

If I can only attend the virtual audition day, will I miss the priority deadline?

You will miss the priority deadline, but you will still be considered for any remaining departmental awards.

Does my School of Music audition also count as my ensemble audition?

No. Ensemble auditions are held at the beginning of each semester. Your audition into the School of Music is only for admission to your program(s) of interest. If accepted, you will receive more information about ensemble auditions via email.

Read more about the Ensemble Auditions.


When will I receive my audition results?

Our school will make sure to contact you within ten (10) business days after your completed audition. We will notify you if additional materials are required.

I have selected the BA in Music (without lessons) and will not audition. When will I receive an admissions decision from the School of Music?

A faculty committee meets after each Audition Day to evaluate the BA applications. We will contact you as soon as possible once they have completed their review.

Am I able to defer my admission to the School of Music?

Yes. You may defer admission to the School of Music for a full academic year. Please be sure to contact Undergraduate Admissions to indicate you would also like to defer university admission as their requirements may differ from the School of Music.