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As a UNCG Music Major, you are responsible for knowing all of this information. You must sign up for an audition time and prepare properly for your “beginning of school audition” for the UNCG Large Ensembles. While the Large Ensemble auditions are required of music majors and most music minors, these ensembles are open to all students at UNCG, regardless of major.

You must read all of this information carefully. Claiming “I didn’t know” or “No one told me” is not a very plausible argument. Everything you need to know is here.

Forms for Everyone – Important Information

Schedule of Ensemble Auditions 2018

Large Instrumental Ensembles at UNCG 2018-2019

Choral Ensembles at UNCG 2018-2019

Forms Specific to Your Area of Interest

Instrumental Ensembles at UNCG 2018 (print, complete, & and bring to audition)

Instrumental Audition Instructions

Choral Audition Requirements 2018

Jazz Audition Instructions

Required Audition Music For Choral Ensembles

(read the instructions)

Audition Music Choirs 2018

Required Audition Materials For Instrumental Ensembles

(see list of instruments below)

Most instrumental auditions require the preparation of specific materials or excerpts as assigned by the studio teachers. The list of every instrument is below and you must download the appropriate PDF, print it and prepare accordingly for your audition. Email addresses of the respective professors are also provided in case you have a question.

In addition to the required audition music, you will also be asked to sight-read.

Flute Auditions
Dr. Erika Boysen,

Oboe Auditions
Dr. Ashley Barret,

Bassoon Audition
Dr. Michael Burns,

Clarinet Auditions
Bass Clarinet Auditions
Dr. Anthony Taylor,

Saxophone Auditions
Dr. Steven Stusek,

Horn Auditions
Dr. Abigail Pack,

Trumpet Auditions
Prof. Mark Clodfelter,

Trombone Auditions
Dr. Randy Kohlenberg,

Tuba Auditions & Euphonium Auditions
Dr. Dennis AsKew,
Dr. Justin Worley,

Percussion Auditions
Dr. Eric Willie,

Violin Auditions
Dr. Fabian Lopez,
Prof. Marjorie Bagley,

Viola Auditions
Dr. Scott Rawls,

Cello Auditions
Dr. Alex Ezerman,

Double Bass
Prof. Craig Brown,