Q:  When will enrollment for the next camp begin?

A:  The ONLINE application process for the Summer Music Camp will begin in early February. Brochures will be mailed in January to former campers, schools, and music teachers throughout the southeastern United States.

Q:  What is the deadline to apply for Summer Music Camp?

A:  While there is not a deadline for applications, we encourage you to apply as soon as possible, especially if you play a popular instrument such as flute, trumpet, saxophone or violin.

Q:  Do I need to send an audition tape?

A:  No, but you must include the name and email address of your current music teacher. That person may be your band director, choral director, orchestra director, private piano teacher, or other current private teacher. We will contact your music teacher via email to verify your musical skills, grade level and your behavior.

Q:  Do I have to apply online? May I also use a paper application?

A:  You must apply online, using a laptop or desktop computer. A smartphone or tablet, such as an iPad, will not work!

Q:  Will I need to audition for ensemble placement when I arrive for Camp?

A:  No, however, it is likely that you will be heard individually early in the week during a sectional rehearsal. Your ensemble placement will be decided by the conductor and by his or her assistants. All Piano Camp students will be auditioned on Sunday evening for placement into the appropriate piano class. (Piano Camp Students should also read our Piano Camp Web page.)

Q:  How is my enrollment into camp determined?

A:  Students are accepted into Summer Music Camp on a first come, first served basis. There are specific quotas for each instrument, for each ensemble, for each week. This is done to insure balanced instrumentation in every ensemble. When the quota for that instrument is met, the Waiting List begins to form.

Q:  What happens if there isn’t room for me in Summer Music Camp by the time my application is processed?

A:  You will be placed on our waiting list and there is no charge for being on the waiting list. You can find more information about the waiting list below.

Q:  What band/orchestra level should I sign up for?

A:  Your band/orchestra placement is determined by the grade you are currently enrolled in. Also, if you only have one year playing experience on a band instrument, you should apply for ‘Beginner Band.’

Q:  I was placed on the waiting list. What happens now?

A:  Each student placed on the is assigned a number based on the order they were placed on that list. If a camper on your instrument decides not to attend Summer Music Camp, and your application is the next one in order, we will call you to see if you are still interested in attending.

Q:  Does a spot on the waiting list guarantee that I will be able to come to camp?

A:  No, but we will work hard to get as many students as possible “in” from the Waiting List. Typically, more than 150 students will be admitted after starting out on the Waiting List.

Q:  When will I find out whether or not I will be able to come to camp?
A:  We have students canceling their camp registration all the way up until camp begins. Rest assured, we will call you as soon as we have space available, even if it is only a week or two before camp.

Q:  What if I haven’t heard from anyone about my waiting list status?
A:  Unfortunately, if you haven’t heard from us, there is not a place available for you in camp yet. We’ll let you know as soon as there is.

Q:  When is my final payment due?

A:  Final payment of Summer Music Camp tuition is due each year on June 1st.

Q:  What happens if I can’t attend camp and need to get a refund?

A:  Give us a call and let us know. We will be happy to refund your tuition (minus the $50 deposit) up until two weeks before your week of camp starts. After that date, no refund will be available.

Q:  Why is the $50 deposit non-refundable?

A:  Even if you don’t attend camp, there are still costs associated with processing your application. We have to cover the cost of paper, envelopes, postage, advertising, toll-free telephone service and paid camp office staff.

Q:  What band should I sign up for?

A:  If you are currently in grades 9-12, you should sign up for Senior High Band. If you are currently in grades 6-8 and have been playing for two years, sign up for Junior High Band. If you have only been playing for one year and are in grades 5-9, you will be in the Beginner Band.

Q:  How am I assigned to a band, and when do I find out which band I’ve been assigned to?

A:  There are multiple bands at each level during each week. Campers are placed in a band according to the rating given them by their music director, so that we can keep a balanced talent level on each instrument in each band. Every effort is made to place students from the same school in the same band, although this is not always possible. Because we are signing students up for camp and people are canceling right up until camp starts, the rosters for each band are not set until the week before camp, and even then changes might need to be made. You will find out which band you are playing in on registration day.

Q:  When/where is my band performing?

A:  All the bands perform as part of the 6:15 PM concerts on Friday afternoon.  We do not know the exact time that your band will perform, however, beginner bands perform first, and the senior groups perform last.  All the bands will be performing in either the UNCG Auditorium, the Elliott University Center Auditorium or Cone Ballroom or the Taylor Theatre on the UNCG campus.

Q:  When/where is my orchestra performing?

A:  All the orchestras perform as part of the 6:15 PM concerts on Friday afternoon.  We do not know the exact time that your orchestra will perform. All the orchestras will be performing in the Elliott University Center on the UNCG campus or in the UNCG Auditorium.

Q:  When/where is the Junior/Senior Mixed Chorus performing?

A:  The Senior & Junior Mixed Chorus perform in the Recital Hall of the School of Music at 6:15 PM on Friday, along with the piano camp soloists and piano camp chorus.

Q:  What activities do piano campers participate in?
A:  Piano Camp includes group instruction in piano technique, keyboard literature, musicianship, ensemble playing and theory. Piano students also participate in a mixed chorus and will have two half-hour private lessons during the week.

Q:  What are the performance opportunities for piano camp students?

A:  All piano students will sing with the mixed chorus and perform as part of a piano ensemble. Some students will also be selected to perform a solo at one of the recitals on the last day of camp.

Q:  When do the piano camp students perform?

A:  The piano ensembles perform at 10:00 AM on the last day of camp.  Some solo students will perform at 12:30 PM. Select solo performers will play at 6:15 PM, a concert which also includes the Piano Camp Chorus and either the Junior or Senior Mixed Chorus. All piano camp performances take place in either the organ hall or the recital hall, both of which are in the new music building.

Q:  How do I know what time my piano camper is performing?

A:  Due to the nature of the piano camp and Summer Music Camp in general, decisions are not made about solo performers until the Thursday evening before the Friday concerts.  Parents are welcome to call the Camp office or check the main page of our website on Thursday night (after 9 pm) to find out exactly when and where their camper will be performing.

Q:  What should I bring if I signed up for a private lesson?

A:  Bring any solo literature or etudes that you are currently studying. If you don’t have anything, your instructor will have something to work on with you.

Q:  What dormitories will students be staying in?

A:  We often do not know exactly where Summer Music Camp students will be staying until a few weeks before camp and we utilize residence halls that are in close proximity to the UNCG Music Building. We often use four or five different residence halls.

Q:  Males and females will be housed separately, right?

A:  Of course.  However, on some occasions, we do house boys and girls within the same building, but on different floors. The supervision is very close and we have never had a problem in that regard.

Q:  I want to room with someone specific at camp.  What do I need to do?

A:  Don’t do anything until you come for camp. The best way to get a roommate that you know is to show up early during registration on the first day of camp with that person. We will be happy to put the two of you in a room together.

Q:  I have two (or three) friends that I want to room with. Can I do this?

A:  While we sometimes have rooms available that will accommodate three to four people, we cannot guarantee that they will be available again this year. Sometimes, all of the rooms housed two campers. We also cannot guarantee that the room will be available for you when you come to register. As above, the best way to room with the person (or people) you want is to get her early during registration and go through the line together.

Q:  I don’t have anyone in mind that I want to room with. What happens to me?

A:  We will match you up with a roommate. We’ll try to get someone who is in the same grade as you, or maybe one grade higher or lower. We will do our vey best to find a roommate who close to you in age, but there are no guarantees. You will take “pot luck” on a roommate and have a chance to make a new friend from a new place.

Day campers should see our Day Camp Information Page.

Q:  What does my Summer Music Camper need to bring for camp?

A:  In addition to clothes, a raincoat, toiletries and a few other personal items, each students also needs to bring the necessary equipment for participation in ensembles. Woodwind, brass and string players need to bring their instrument, a folding music stand and a couple of pencils to rehearsal. Percussionists need to bring sticks & mallets, a folding music stand and, if you have one, a snare drum and snare drum stand. Piano campers should bring any music you’re currently working on for your private lesson, placement audition, and possible performance.

Q:  So, what else will I need to bring?

A:  A complete list of what to bring will be mailed to you in mid-June, and includes mostly items that you would need on a daily basis, anyway. The list is in the Camp Handbook which you can download on the Home page. However, be sure you have sheets for a “extra long twin” bed, a pillow, and a portable alarm clock. Sheets will not be provided, and you must be able to get yourself up every morning in time for your first class or ensemble.

Q:  What about money?

A:  Summer Music Camp T-shirts will be available for $10 each and CD recordings of the camp concert will be available for $20. Some money for incidental purchases and refreshments is good, and you may want to bring change for the vending machines and pay phones.

Q:  Is there anything I shouldn’t bring?

A:  Yes.  You should avoid bringing the following items: TV Sets, Large Stereos, Refrigerators, Hot Plates, Microwaves, Irons, Fans (rooms are air-conditioned), Computers, Printers, Telephones, Skateboards, Skates, Bicycles, Valuable Items, Keepsake Items or Pets. Camp staff may confiscate any of the above items for the duration of camp if they prove to be unsafe or to be a constant distraction from Summer Music Camp activities.

Q:  What about cell phones? May I bring one?

A:  Yes, but you MUST read the Cell Phone Policy by clicking here. The Cell Phone Policy is at the bottom of the General Information Page.

Q:  Is there late registration available on the first day of camp?

A:  We highly discourage anyone from arriving late to camp. Attendance at the 6:30 PM first rehearsal and orientation meeting on Sunday evening is essential, particularly if you’ve never attended camp before. However, in the event of emergency, late registration is available in the lobby of a designated dorm which will be indicated in the Camp Handbook.