Recital and Concert Reservation Procedures


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  • Faculty may schedule Large Ensembles, Operas, and Conferences anytime for any future date.
  • MUS 396/696 ensembles, Faculty Recitals, Studio Recitals, and Guest Artists may begin scheduling April 1 for the next academic year.
  • DMA, Alumni, and Organizations outside the Departments of Music (subject to approval) may begin scheduling May 1 for the next academic year.
  • Graduate (MM) recitals required for degree may begin scheduling June 1 for the next academic year.
  • Undergraduate recitals required for degree (451, 453, 351-MusEd) may begin scheduling August 1 for the upcoming academic year.
  • Non-required recitals (151, 251, 351-nonMusEd, 353, 551 and any other non-required performances), and student-organized small ensembles (trios, quartets, quintets, etc.) may begin scheduling September 1 for the current academic year./li>
  • Organizations affiliated with the Departments of Music (Phi Mu Alpha, Sigma Alpha Iota, Mu Phi Epsilon, CMENC, Pi Kappa Lambda) may begin scheduling September 25 for the current academic year.
  • Recitals and Concerts may be scheduled at the following times:
    • Monday – Thursday at 5:30 or 7:30
    • Friday at 3:30, 5:30, or 7:30
    • Saturday – Sunday at 1:30, 3:30, 5:30, or 7:30
  • Student recitals at the 451, 453, 651, and 751 levels may be presented in the Recital Hall at 7:30pm
  • Student recitals at the 351, 353, and 551 levels my be presented in the Recital Hall at times other than 7:30 pm
  • Non-degree recitals at any level must be given Monday-Thursday at 5:30
  • No solo or joint recitals at the 151, 251, or 253 level may be scheduled in the Recital Hall unless necessitated by special equipment needs


Recitals may be scheduled simultaneously in separate venues, with the following limitations:

  • Recitals must be from from different performance areas.
  • Student recitals may be scheduled against large ensemble performances of other areas if and only if:
    • The ensemble performance is occurring at UNCG Auditorium or an off-campus location.
    • The large ensemble does not feature a soloist from within the student’s area.
  • No recitals may be scheduled in conflict with faculty ensembles, faculty solo recitals, or guest artist presentations unless an exemption is granted by the Dean.
  • Students should clear dates and times with teachers, appropriate committees, accompanists, other participants, and family.
  • Consult the calendar links at the top of the page for available dates and times. In rare instances, highly specialized Undergraduate Honors Program or Graduate Lecture-Recitals may be presented in Collins Lecture Hall (Room 217). Please keep in mind that there may be a hold on a date that does not show on the main Calendar of Events due to pending jury and/or materials deadline. However, all tentative recitals will show on the individual hall calendars.
  • Tip: Select at least three (3) possible dates.
  • Prepare a list of all equipment needed.
  • All recitals, rehearsals and concerts to be scheduled in the Music Halls must be booked through the Main Office.
  • Requests for any other special events in Music Building must be made through the Main Office.
  • Concerts and rehearsals in UNCG Auditorium must be booked through Brian Fuller, technical director at UNCG Auditorium.

Complete the Online Recital Request Form. Form submissions will be sent automatically to the Events Coordinator in the Main Office.

Responses for concert, recital, or rehearsal requests will be made in a timely manner, usually within 24 hours. E-mail reservations are made on a first-come, first-served basis according to time of delivery.

If you are reserving in-person, you will sign your tentative reservation during your visit. If you are requesting a reservation via e-mail, you will be asked to stop by the office to sign your reservation as soon thereafter as possible.

All recitals, with the exception of those starting at 7:30pm, should be no longer than 75 minutes, including intermission. There is likely to be a recital following these times and the Stage Crew must be able to reset the halls (i.e. clean-up and stage changes).

  • A jury examination to approve the presentation of a student recital must be passed at least one month prior to the scheduled performance date. What exactly does “at least one month” mean? If your recital is scheduled for March 3, your jury must be prior to — or on — February 3. Recitals scheduled during the month of January must be juried prior to or on Reading Day (jury day) of the preceding Fall Semester. A recital cannot be presented nor will it be advertised on the Concerts and Events Calendar until the recital jury is passed.
  • There is one form to submit. This one form is the Recital Request (jury approval) form, and it may be downloaded using the link at the top of this page. This should be brought to Gwen Young in Room 329, signed by your instructor, along with a check for $60 (recital fee), as soon as you pass your recital jury. We will not accept your form without your check, nor will we accept your check without your form. Your recital will be cancelled if the paperwork and check are not received at least one month in advance of your recital. Sorry, no exceptions!
  • Please be sure to include any special staging requirements (extra stands, chairs, and/or arrangement thereof) at the bottom of — or stapled to — the Recital Request form. The use of a harpsichord or fortepiano requires approval from Dr. Andrew Willis.
  • Your recital program must be submitted to Gwen Young,, Microsoft Word ONLY, formatting for which may be downloaded from the link at the top of this page) at least one month prior to recital or concert date. Sorry, no exceptions! Timings for selections (minutes per piece) must be included with your program information to ensure a high quality recording.
  • Jazz Studies students: your program requires a slightly different format, which may also be downloaded from the link at the top of this page.
  • Vocalists: English translations of foreign-language texts are required by the Vocal Studies Division. It is a professional courtesy, although not a required one, to include both the foreign text and the English translation. A Vocal Translations form is available via the link at the top of this page. Texts and translations are to be submitted via disk or e-mail attachment to Gwen Young,, (again, Microsoft Word ONLY) at least ONE MONTH prior to your performance. All performers: the fonts, sizes, line spacings, and applicable tables within these downloadable forms are exact. Please don’t change them!