Ailyn Pitt

Ailyn Pitt
Major: Studio Art


Westfield, NC

High School

North Stokes High School


Studio Art

Career Plans & Goals

I am not sure yet. Going to graduate school for Art or Psychology

Why did you choose UNCG and specifically UNCG for the Arts?

I actually came into UNCG as a Psychology major. I change my major Sophomore year because I was more passionate about the arts

Are you where you thought you’d be when you first came to campus?

Not at all, I thought I would be still doing psychology on the way to becoming a therapist

Peak experience?

Moving into my own apartment my Junior year, I got to experience college slightly differently when I got my own space and was able to focus more on my studies without distraction.

What surprised you?

How fast I was learning and picking up techniques in art class. It was also an interesting transition from seminar classes to studio art classes. Art is taught differently than any other discipline and I enjoy it very much. I think the skills I learn in Studio art classes are still very useful in other classes, especially when it comes to creativity and ambiguity.

Who helped you get to where you are now?

Mentors and my Church Family. I have been blessed with many mentors in my college experience. I have mentors in psychology, art, business, and leadership so they have helped guide me in many ways. Faith is a big part of my life in general so support from my Church and growing in Christ has been transformative and I can see how it is fruitful in my life.

What do you think you will miss the most after you graduate?

Being in close proximity with many like minded people. There is always opportunity to form new relationships and meet new people and that is probably what I enjoy the most about college

Advice for the incoming class?

It is okay if you do not know exactly what you are going to do yet. I believe that your purpose calls you at the end of the day so trust the process and operate in excellence, your calling awaits you.

Describe the moment you knew you UNCG was for you (or alternatively the moment you knew you were in the right major):

I knew I was in the right major when I was excited to go to class everyday and I was increasingly involved in the learning process.

Your favorite place on campus and why?

The fountain behind the EUC, my earliest and fondest memories of college has been in that area behind the EUC I think its called Taylor Gardens. I was accepted into a scholarship program at UNCG and the first event that we had was at Taylor Gardens. A lot of people also don’t realize it is there so I think that’s cool as well

Your favorite professor or class and why?

My favorite class surprisingly enough was Anthropology. I had a really great professor, Dr.Eggeland and the whole class was so intriguing start to finish. I had more questions coming out than I did coming in. I also took that class with a friend and we were so interested in the content that we would talk about it for hours outside of class and even when the class was over.

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