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Objective 4: Transform our infrastructure to support our mission

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Area 1: Facilities

  • Goal 1: Create College-wide facilities and equipment plan to ensure support of current and future technological needs in CVPA disciplines.
  • Goal 2: Renovate or replace antiquated or hazardous facilities to maintain safe and adequate spaces to learn and work for faculty, staff, and students. Identified priorities include Taylor Theatre, 326/328 Tate Street, and 812 Lilly Street.
  • Goal 3: Begin planning for a Visual and Performing Arts Complex on Tate Street as part of the Millennial District.
  • Goal 4: Secure centrally located office space for the College office.

Area 2: Production Support

  • Goal 1: Expand capacity of Design and Production in the School of Theatre to support CVPA production needs in all disciplines.
  • Goal 2: Expand capacity for recording, streaming, and broadcasting CVPA faculty and student performances to assist with targeted marketing and recruitment.

Area 3: Fundraising and Other Revenue

  • Goal 1: Increase staff resources dedicated to development, grant-seeking, and fundraising.
  • Goal 2: Develop a plan for tailored annual fund activities, including strategies for increasing alumni and other donor participation, for student scholarships to keep our programs competitive and affordable.
  • Goal 3: Optimize revenue generation through box office, space rentals, and other appropriate activities.
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