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Transform, and be transformed by, our community.

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Area 1: Community Engagement and Support

  • Goal 1: Continue and expand support for activities at Greensboro Project Space to support students’ desire for cross-disciplinary arts experiences.
  • Goal 2: Develop performance and/or exhibition opportunities for local artists and performers that are created in collaboration with CVPA students to connect students and community.
  • Goal 3: Become a leader for community-engaged arts within Greensboro, the Triad, and the state of North Carolina to help raise the profile of the CVPA
  • Goal 4: Expand activities with, for, and at local K12 schools and school children.
  • Goal 5: Expand support for community activities for underserved populations in the Triad area.

Area 2: Alumni Engagement

  • Goal 1: Continue to refine alumni engagement strategy with annual multi-city alumni events and networking opportunities to create CVPA alumni networks across North Carolina and in major American cities.
  • Goal 2: Identify and/or create opportunities through community arts events for current students to interact with alumni.

Area 3: Community Partnerships

  • Goal 1: Explore strategies to enhance and expand our community partnerships to create additional opportunities for our students.
  • Goal 2: CVPA will act as an advocate for community arts at the local, state, regional, and national levels.

Area 4: Marketing and Communication

  • Goal 1: Optimize resources and support for CVPA marketing team to create a unifying identity for the College.
  • Goal 2: Develop and implement expanded social media strategy with input from students and alumni.
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