Art Scholarships

The School of Art has the following scholarships available:

  • The Mary Cochrane Austin Art Scholarship Fund
    The Mary Cochrane Austin Art Scholarship was established by family and friends of Mary Cochrane Austin to honor her wish to help aspiring art students. The Austin Art Scholarship supports School of Art students majoring in art, with preference given to those preparing for a teaching career.
  • The Maud Gatewood Endowed Scholarship in Painting
    Maud Gatewood was a widely recognized United States painter who graduated from Woman’s College (now UNCG) with a Bachelor of Arts degree in 1954.  The Maud Gatewood Endowed Scholarship in Painting supports a junior or senior level undergraduate art student or graduate student who is majoring in painting.
  • The Happy DuBose “Kenan” Gray Scholarship
    Harriet “Happy” DuBose came from Columbia, South Carolina in 1932 to attend Woman’s College (now UNCG).  She was a talented painter and also friend and admirer of renowned North Carolina painter and Woman’s College graduate Maud Gatewood.  The Happy DuBose “Kenan” Gray Scholarship is awarded to a sophomore, junior or senior student in the School of Art.  Recipients will be selected on the basis of academic achievement with financial need as a secondary consideration.
  • The Dr. Elisabeth Jastrow Scholarship
    In 1961, friends of Professor Emeritus of Art History Dr. Elisabeth Jastrow, started a scholarship fund in her honor.  The Jastrow Scholarship supports a junior student interested in art history.
  • The William Mangum Artistic Merit Award
    William Mangum, a well-regarded Greensboro-based painter who received his BFA and MFA from UNCG, created the William Mangum Artistic Merit Award to assist a senior-level BFA Painting student in the creation of a substantive body of work made during the recipient’s final year at UNCG.  The award will support the purchase of art supplies, the cost of a residency program and/or offset the costs associated with creating an exhibition of artwork.  
  • Myrtle Spaugh Reeves Scholarship
    Elizabeth Reeves Lyon, Woman’s College (now UNCG) class of 1938, established this scholarship in honor of her mother, Myrtle Spaugh Reeves.  The scholarship supports a female student who is registered or is registering as an art major, and is based on financial need. 
  • Betsey Ryder Shelley Scholarship
    The Betsey Ryder Scholarship honors Betsey Ryder Shelley, a 1939 Fine Arts graduate of Alfred University.  In her later career, she worked in the Student Aid office and was always interested in supporting students in the arts.  Shelley Scholarship recipients will be pursuing a field of study in the UNCG School of Art and will be selected primarily on the basis of financial need, with academic achievement as a secondary achievement. 
  • Helen A. Thrush Scholarship
    Helen A. Thrush was dedicated to education and the teaching profession.  She received degrees from the University of Pennsylvania and Columbia University in 1927 and 1930 respectively. The Helen A. Thrush Scholarship is given to junior or senior level art students or graduate art students in order to “assist them in becoming the very best that they can become.”
  • Robert Eugene Triplette Endowed Scholarship in Photography
    Robert Eugene Triplette was a Winston-Salem native and successful businessman who discovered a love of photography as a young man. The Robert Eugene Triplette Endowed Scholarship in Photography honors his incredible passion for photography by providing scholarship support for students majoring in photography.  
  • Letitia Wilmot Hutton Scholarship in Art
    The Letitia Wilmot Hutton Scholarship in Art was established in memory of Letitia Wilmot Hutton, who earned a BA in Art in 1947 and a BFA in Painting and Printmaking in 1959, both from Woman’s College. After graduating, she moved to New York City and worked at the Metropolitan Museum of Art bookstore for 25 years. The award is to help rising juniors and seniors with financial need majoring in the field of Art.
  • Nicholas Fragola Memorial Scholarship in Painting
    The Nicholas Samuel Fragola Scholarship was established in 2003 in memory of Grimsley High School Alumnus, Nicholas Samuel Fragola. This $1,500 scholarship supports an artist accepted into UNCG’s BFA Painting Concentration.
  • Fred C. Pierce Memorial Scholarship
    Fred C. Pierce was an award-winning BFA student who graduated from UNCG in 1986, and this award was established in his memory. The scholarship is awarded to an undergraduate student majoring in Art, and resident in NC, with preference given to students exhibiting financial need. The award may follow the student for up to three years, provided they maintain satisfactory progress towards their degree.

To be considered for a School of Art scholarship students must fill out the School of Art Scholarship Form. All scholarship funds require that students be accepted and enrolled in a degree program at UNCG. To be eligible for Art School scholarships students must be enrolled in an Art major and also meet the requirement of being a rising sophomore.

School of Art Scholarships are awarded once annually. Applications open to enrolled students at the beginning of the Spring semester each year. Please check the financial Aid webpage for additional information on each of these scholarships.

Students may apply for campus-wide scholarships through the Spartan Scholarship System (S3) portal using your UNCG credentials. This portal will automatically match students to all scholarships (not including the School of Art scholarships listed above)  for which they are eligible.

Award and Scholarship Recipients

The School of Art congratulates the following students who have received award and scholarship funding:

Mary Cochrane Austin Art Scholarship

Maud Gatewood Scholarship

  • A Joy Chalmers
  • Emily Hobgood
  • Maria Colamarino
  • Katherine Allison

Happy Dubose “Kenan” Gray Scholarship

  • Paula Damasceno De Oliveira
  • Alexandra Romero
  • Cassidy Burel
  • Holly Simmons
  • Sidney Lee
  • Jiyoung Park
  • Krista Culpeper
  • Emily Burch
  • William Yarbrough

Dr. Elisabeth Jastrow Scholarship

  • Alexandra Romero
  • Katelin Knight
  • Eliza Rosebrock

Fred C. Pierce Memorial Scholarship

  • Eliza Rosebrock

Myrtle Spaugh Reeves Art Scholarship

  • Anna Rafalowski
  • Juliette Guerrero
  • Morgan Goodwin
  • Asia Mohan
  • Christina Rankin

Betsey Ryder Shelley Scholarship

  • Katelin Knight
  • Emily Hobgood
  • Jennifer Smith
  • Brittany Thomas
  • Amelia Powers
  • Melodie Pardue
  • Rachel Castevens
  • Rachel Eggleston

The following awards are given during the academic year. The School of Art congratulates these recipients:

William Mangum Artistic Merit Award in Painting

2018 – 2019

  • Samantha G. MacHia

2017 -2018

  • John T. Viar


  • Anthony Patterson


  • Emily Clark-Kramer


  • Billy Hawkins


  • Elizabeth Spaulding


  • Chad Greene

Student Excellence Awards


  • Kendall Llewellyn, Art History
  • Anna Rafalowski, Sculpture


  • Paula Damasceno De Oliveira, Photography
  • Jiyoung Park, New Media & Design


  • Linda Kent, Painting
  • Camille Knudsen, Art History
  • Jenna Lacey, Printmaking & Drawing


  • Nicole Given, Art History
  • Sharon Romang, Design

Nicholas Fragola Award


  • Samantha G. MacHia
  • Jillian Milazzo


  • Ian Miller


  • Ivana Bogdan

Juni Arante Excellence in Print Award


  • Kathryn Bailey Wingler


  • Amanda Dick
  • Jiyoung Park


  • Kei Kato


  • Eddie Mendoza

Funded Undergraduate Residency Opportunities

New York Arts Practicum


  • Alexis Michelle
  • April Rose Miller


  • Sharon Romang


  • Camillo Vergara



  • Justyna “Nina” Rominger


  • Nadia Kellner


  • Anna Rafalowski


  • Mireya Garcia

Salem Art Works


  • Anna Rafalowski
  • John Lucas
  • Christina Rankin
  • Nina Rominger
  • Hanna Baker
  • Danielle Carelock


  • Phillip Short
  • Max Baynes


  • Elizabeth Traub



  • Sydney Lee
  • Lauren Willard
  • John Viar