FundedĀ Scholarships

The Art Department has the following scholarships available:

  • Mary Cochrane Austin (Art Education majors only; need-based)
  • Maud Gatewood (Painting Majors only; not need-based)
  • Elizabeth Jastrow (recommended for Art History majors)
  • Fred C. Pierce Memorial (can be awarded to a sophomore in any art discipline; awarded each year until graduation)
  • Myrtle Reeves (Art majors only)
  • Robert Eugene Triplette Endowed Scholarship in Photography (Photography Majors only)

To be eligible for a scholarship students must fill out the online application through the Spartan Scholarship System (S3) portal using your UNCG credentials. This portal will automatically match students to all scholarships for which they are eligible. All funds require that students be accepted and enrolled in a degree program at UNCG. To be eligible for Art School scholarships students must be enrolled in an Art major and also meet the requirement of being a rising sophomore.

School of Art Scholarships are awarded once annually. Applications open to enrolled students at the beginning of the Spring semester each year. Please check the financial Aid webpage for additional information on each of these scholarships.



The purpose of an internship is to give students structured experience with the theoretical concepts and museum/gallery functions. Art Education students enrolled in ARE 369 are expected to work in educational programs that have direct relevance to their course work.


An internship requires the completion of a substantive, clearly defined project that will allow students to apply critical, organizational and communication skills and to demonstrate initiative, creative thinking and responsible teamwork in a professional setting. Completion of the internship project will be documented in a form to be agreed on by the student and the UNCG faculty advisor. Students enrolled in the course are also responsible for securing a letter of evaluation from the internship supervisor; the letter should be signed and submitted on letterhead to the UNCG faculty advisor, who will assign a grade.