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Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art

The Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art combines a liberal arts education with the development of studio skills. Students do coursework in art history and studio art. The concentration is flexible to allow students to focus on one area or explore a broad range of courses. All students entering UNCG as studio art majors must complete the Foundations Program (see below).

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History is a liberal arts program with emphasis on the visual rather than the verbal tradition. An undergraduate degree in art history offers students an excellent preparation for entry into the workforce or as a foundation for graduate or professional school. Students who wish to pursue a professional career in this discipline should plan to enter an M.A. or Ph.D. program after graduation. In preparation for doctoral work, students should acquire a fluent reading knowledge of two foreign languages; German and French are usually recommended.


Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education

The Bachelor of Fine Arts in Art Education focuses on developing advanced studio skills, art history content, technology applications, preparation in liberal studies, and art pedagogy. Upon successful completion of the art education program, students are recommended for “A” teacher licensure. The program prepares undergraduates to become competent, dedicated, and effective art educators at the elementary (K-5), middle school (6-8), and secondary (9-12) levels. Students entering UNCG who wish to pursue a BFA in Art Education must submit to a portfolio review and successfully complete the Foundations Program.


Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art

The Master of Fine Arts in Studio Art is a full-time, two-year, sixty-hour degree. Students complete coursework in studio art, art criticism, art history, free electives as well as thesis work.