MJ Neuberger Named Visiting Assistant Professor of 3D Foundations

Posted on May 28, 2024

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College of Visual and Performing Arts Dean bruce d. mcclung has announced the appointment of MJ Neuberger as Visiting Assistant Professor of 3D Foundations. 

MJ Neuberger is an artist and educator whose creative practice explores decolonial embodiment through sculpture, installation, performance, public engagement, and interactive and image-based works. 

Active in the multicultural salon A Gathering of the Tribes in New York, Neuberger solicited work as an editor and founding member of the minority caucus at the Village Voice, which earned a mention in bell hooks’s Teaching to Transgress. Awarded a visual arts scholarship as a returning student, Neuberger was supported in completing her Master of Fine Arts at the University of Maryland Baltimore County by Zöe Charlton and Kristine Stiles who served as questioners for her thesis exhibition and oral defense. 

Neuberger’s work has been recognized with grant funding from the Washington Project for the Arts and residencies at the Urban Soils Institute at Swale House and at Creative Alliance. Organizing community-based performances as founder of the Great Wide Open, engaging the public as Meeting Ground Projects co-founder, and working with cross-disciplinary collaborators in Speculative Empowerment, Neuberger also serves on the board of directors of Social Art and Culture, a non-profit organization focused on using the arts to advance marginalized and underserved communities. 

Neuberger has presented research at the Media Architecture Biennale, Florida State University’s 2024 Festival of Creative Arts, and multinational symposia. She has exhibited nationally at Washington University in St. Louis and regionally at George Mason University, the Tephra Institute of Contemporary Art, and the Center for Art, Design and Visual Culture. 

Neuberger has taught sculpture and three-dimensional design and served as a makerspace coordinator and representative to 3D Maryland. She comes to UNCG from Florida State University and has also taught at Towson University, the University of Maryland Baltimore County, and George Mason University. 

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