Photo of Bob Hansen, former Associate Dean, College of Arts and Science and Theatre History Professor.

Bob Hansen gave 34 years of service to UNC Greensboro. Now in retirement, he continues to give through creating the Robert C. Hansen Scholarship Endowment in Theatre Education:

“My time at UNCG was a very satisfying experience. I feel well-rewarded. It’s a delight to see the accomplishments of students and alumni. Not just their work in the discipline. These young people have become great citizens, great family people. They are doing wonderful things no matter what area they wind up in.”

Hansen says he came to UNCG as a “gung-ho theater designer and scholar-artist.” He also served in several administrative roles: Head of the Communication and Theatre Department, Head of the Broadcasting/Cinema and Theatre Department, and Associate Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Throughout his career, Hansen continued to teach, primarily theater history. His gift will support BFA students in Theatre Education:

“Artist-producing programs are often in the spotlight, but in reality the majority wind up teaching and inspiring others who go on to feed the arts in important ways. Ask any artist. They’ll be able to identify a teacher—it can be from school or community theater or church choir—but there’s always someone in their life who recognized their talent or passion and encouraged them.”

Hansen was motivated to create the scholarship by reflecting on his own life and the drama teacher who set him on the trajectory of what would become his life’s work:

“Supporting these students who will become educators is so important. I hope this scholarship will make a difference. For so many young people even a modest scholarship can help with not having to work so much outside of school or not having so much debt when they leave school.”

Hansen says establishing this scholarship isn’t just about the financial support:

“It’s a pat on the back. It says we believe in you. We are confident about what your contribution will be. That kind of affirmation is essential, especially to young people today.”

Hansen adds: “It’s a privilege for me to be able to do this. To pay it forward. To invest in the future.”

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Story by Terri W. Relos