Rachael Hayes (BFA Sculpture and Ceramics 2021) finally made it to Italy for her previously delayed Artist Residency with the Digital Stone Carving Project!

The Digital Stone Project was founded in 2005 by sculptors who wanted to create a new way of working in stone by leveraging the burgeoning digital technologies. Garfagnana Innovazione is a state-of-the-art technology center equipped with robotic stone cutting equipment and access to the best sculptural marble in the world.

Each year, the Digital Stone Project and Garfagnana Innovazione work together to bring an international cohort of artists, architects, designers, educators and students to the historic Garfagnana region of Italy. While in Italy, participants gain experience working with high technology and ancient Tuscan stone. During the month-long Residency, participants are giving the opportunity to produce work carved using a combination of robotic manufacturing technologies and traditional hand-carving tools. Our partner, Garfagnana Innovazione, offers participants a unique opportunity to employ the latest innovations in digital stone carving. As an incubator of new techniques, the Residency provides a wide range of professional development opportunities focused on technology and materials.