Join us for a free, virtual conference for the UNCG community!

Adapt 2021 is an interactive, collaborative event for the UNCG faculty, staff and graduate students centered around the joy of teaching, learning, and scholarship. Adapt 2021 will feature Concurrent Presentation Sessions, Poster Sessions, Facilitated Roundtable Discussions, and Online Course Tours. Participants can schedule in-person appointments to learn how to use UNC Greensboro’s new active learning classrooms.

Topic Tracks:

  • Basic technology – Sessions in this track will focus on how to make UNC Greensboro technology work without any of the enhanced bells and whistles. During these basic sessions, attendees will learn more about user-friendly features and tools that make tasks more efficient.
  • Advanced technology – This track covers a variety of bells and whistles and helps you push your instruction to the next level. You may know and use the basic features of many technology tools, and you want to branch out and incorporate more advanced skills.
  • Equity, Diversity and Inclusion – This track highlights the multiple equity, diversity and inclusion efforts happening both at UNC Greensboro and at universities nationwide. Sessions in this track focus on our diverse student populations, the creation of safe and inclusive environments, acknowledgement of our different truths and the creation of change.
  • The Joy of Teaching – This track celebrates teaching and learning in the many shapes and forms that it can come. Look for sessions that explore a variety of topics such as fostering student engagement, motivation, and innovation as well as innovative ways to enhance student support, self-care, and resilience in your courses.
  • Research – This track will cover research applications, tools, and strategies to enhance your research, writing, and publications. This track will cover topics on getting published, managing citations, impact metrics, quality journals, scholarly communications, open access, researching from home, and library databases and resources.

WHO: UNC Greensboro Community (faculty, staff, and graduate students)
WHEN: Monday, May 10th & Tuesday, May 11th
WHERE: Virtually, using Zoom and Canvas
WHY: To help you prepare for what’s next in instruction and research.

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