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You are invited to join the Applying the Quality Matters Rubric workshop facilitated by Dr. Racheal Brooks of NCCU. This workshop introduces participants to the Quality Matters Rubric and how to apply its standards to develop high-quality online courses and evaluate them.   This workshop occurs over 2 afternoons virtually in Zoom:    Wednesday, 05/13/2020, […]

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A famous monologue in Shakespeare’s As You Like It begins, “All the world’s a stage…” It’s not exactly what Shakespeare meant, but taken literally, it’s true these days. Theatres — and theatre classrooms — are closed and suddenly professors and students are relating with each other from “stages” in their homes. But how do you […]

Leah Sobsey’s 387 Alternative Process students’ are hard at work creating artworks remotely. Check out a recent project by BFA student Fil Hernandez. The piece is  a lumen print on silver gelatin paper exposed to UV light. Fil created the effect by arranging the 12 prints, and then laying on them for an hour.

College of Visual and Performing Arts Dean bruce d. mcclung has announced the appointment of Tori Foster to the position of Assistant Professor in New Media & Design. Foster is a Toronto-based new media artist whose work explores the hidden systems and models that inform our visible environments. Through video, photography, and kinetic and interactive […]

Jennifer Reis, Assistant Professor in Arts Administration has created a mask making initiative that has distributed over three hundred masks to health care, social services, and education organizations in Martinsville, Virginia. Check out the article in the Martinsville Bulletin about this amazing initiative: https://www.martinsvillebulletin.com/news/local/martinsville-rotary-club-leads-effort-to-provide-the-masks-you-need-in-public/article_ba648400-b212-51ca-a4cd-e5b019f94ed8.html

With an uncertain U.S. economic forecast, no state budget in sight, and a national health crisis causing procedural changes almost weekly, you’d think that the chief financial officer of UNC Greensboro’s College of Visual and Performing Arts might have her hands pretty full right now. If you think that, you haven’t met Brigette Pfister, CVPA’s […]