ABOVE: Tracey Paddock articulates a teaching point to Alex Whitehead (BM performance, ’18).

The President’s Own Marine Band was in town for a concert on October 29 and since they are having a clarinet audition in November, Tracey Paddock offered a masterclass in the audition material and on the general process of auditioning for the elite band. She has been a member of The President’s Own since 1998. She share that her her own path to winning a position involved auditioning four times, and also explained that she has served several times in clarinet auditions in various capacities, including the “up close” role of audition proctor or assistant, sitting next to each auditioning candidate while they play. In the class, she spoke with much nuance about what skills the band looks for in clarinetists, and strategies for standing out in an audition. Thank you, Tracey, for sharing your perspective and that detailed advice!