• FALL: November 6, 2021 : Video Audition

Application & Payment Deadline : October 28

  • SPRING: March 19, 2022 : Video Audition until further notice

Application & Payment Deadline: March 1


Please visit the Dance Apply page , to complete your application.

Beginning with the March 21, 2020 audition, a fee of $10 will be required. A link to the payment site will be forwarded upon completion of the application.

No materials are required for an in-person audition.


Please submit  a 3-5 minute video that demonstrates your dance technical proficiency and artistic expression. Prospective students should demonstrate proficiency in at least two of the following dance styles currently taught in the UNCG School of Dance: Contemporary, Jazz, African, Hip-Hop and Ballet.

Included in the video:

1. A spoken or written 30-second introduction, which should include:

    • Your Name
    • Hometown
    • Where you are currently studying dance
    • Why you are interested in UNCG School of Dance
    • What will we see you dancing in your video? Style? Choreographer ?

2. A 3-5 minute demonstration of your technical skills & artistic expression including:

    • Full body movement facing away from the mirror (if possible).
    • You can perform any two of the following dance styles: Contemporary, Jazz, African, Hip-Hop or Ballet.
    • If space allows, we would like to see you moving across the floor in a dance combination.

This section of your video should include:

    • 1-2 Warm-up Exercises that demonstrate proficiency in any one of the following: Contemporary, Jazz, African, Hip-Hop or Ballet
    • 1 Center combination or phrase that integrates concepts from any one of the following: Contemporary, Jazz, African, Hip-Hop or Ballet
    • 1-2 Traveling or Cross-the-floor combinations (both sides) in any one of the following: Contemporary, Jazz, African, Hip-Hop or Ballet
    • A 1-minute solo in the style of your choice, that demonstrates your ability to perform choreography expressively. Be sure to tell us who the choreographer is in your 30-second intro!

The video audition should total no more than 5 minutes. Your audition movement can be your own choreography or one of your teachers.

Do Not Include:

    • Edits to the video such as transitions or breaks. Please do not use any social media filters or include supplementary videos of group or past performances.

Where to upload your video: Youtube (opens in new window)

Make sure the video is unlisted video and titled : Fall 2021 UNCG Dance Audition- First name, Last name 

Email your video link to: in new window)

Results will be sent out by November 30, 2021.

A video tour of our spaces and recent choreography is available to view on our Youtube channel (opens in new window).

If you have any questions, Contact Jewel Gibson at (opens in new window) .

Thanks for your interest in the School of Dance at UNCG!

In-person auditions are by invitation and they are held in January at the UNCG campus. Selected applicants are invited to come to campus after a first round of selections is made in December.


  • MFA / MA Theories and Practice – applications are due November 15.
  • MA Theories and Practice with initial K-12 teaching licensure – applications are due November 15.

Distance Learning:

  • MA in Dance Education – Distance Learning applications are due March 1. Note that this program runs only on even years (e.g. 2018, 2020, etc.

Please visit the Dance Apply page, for more information.