UNC Greensboro

Faculty Artist Profile: Marielis Garcia

Marielis Garcia headshot. Photo credit: Whitney Browne

Assistant Professor of Dance Marielis Garcia has been a teaching artist since she was barely a teenager—a gutsy teenager who knew exactly what she wanted and wasn’t afraid to ask for it:  “My parents are both immigrants from the Dominican Republic and there just wasn’t a whole lot of surplus … Continued

Student Led Event Creates Unity in Diversity

Jamaas Britton '24 MFA Theatre

According to Merriam-Webster, unity is “the state of being one; oneness,” while diversity refers to “variety, assortment or mixture.” Jamaas Britton (’24 MFA Drama) thinks there can, and should, be both. So, he created “Unity in Diversity,” an event for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) students in the College … Continued

Meet the Meshroom: A Mash-Up of Art, Dance, and Music

“Drop In. Drop Out. Bring a Friend.” That is the tag line for a new event coming to UNC Greensboro in February through a partnership between Duke University Arts and the UNCG School of Dance. Those are also literally the only instructions for the event, according to Caitlyn Schrader (’22 … Continued

dwb (Driving While Black) Opera Tells Powerful Story

Four chairs on a stage for the opera dwb (Driving While Black)

“Every time you leave I’ll try to let go a little more. But every time, I’ll be waiting to hear your key in our front door.” – The Mother in dwb (Driving While Black)  It’s a feeling that most parents are familiar with – the anxiety that occurs when their … Continued

Visiting Artist in Social Practice

Pablo Helguera, a pioneer of socially engaged artistic practice, is working with CVPA students this semester on a project that focuses on the reimagining of social conventions. The project will result in a publication that Helguera describes as “a manual to learn and perform new forms of cultural behavior.” Helguera … Continued

Pollinator Garden Takes Root

A project promoting sustainability in the arts is sprouting on campus—literally and figuratively—thanks to the passion and initiative of two CVPA faculty members. Leah Sobsey (Assistant Professor of Photography) and Tara Webb (Lecturer in Costume Technology) are creating a pollinator garden, which will soon be planted on a plot of … Continued

Grace Clark ’21 MFA Studio Art, Creator of Overland Artworks

Grace Clark started out on a fairly standard path for an art student. Raised in western Minnesota, the daughter of a photography professor and an elementary school teacher, she attended an arts high school in Minneapolis and went on to get her BFA with an emphasis in photography at Minnesota … Continued

Associate Professor Jennifer Meanley Helps with ‘Bridging the Gap’

A new mural called “Bridging the Gap” decorates the Morehead Park trailhead along the Downtown Greenway. Leading the effort is Darlene McClinton, a muralist and chief executive officer of The Artist Bloc. Introducing her team: Jennifer Meanley, UNCG associate professor; Marsh Neeley, artist; Neidy Perdomo, graphic designer; James Raleigh, artist … Continued