Ailyn Pitt '22 BFA Studio Arts

Ailyn Pitt BFA Studio Arts

Ailyn Pitt believes in the healing power of art both through creating it and by experiencing it. Pitt is the mastermind behind “Art’s Way Out,” a YouTube channel that provides a space for artists to talk about their purpose and their motivation behind the art form they are ...
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Meet Maureen Shyu – New Media and Design

Tell us about yourself? I am 21 and a recent graduate from UNCG Major in New Media and Design I am from a Taiwanese family and born in Michigan I have a dog named Akali, a conure named Floofy, and a parakeet named Shiro. Hobbies and interests include ...
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Image of artwork at the GPS mini-museum

Making Big Community Connections with Tiny Art

The College of Visual and Performing Arts’ (CVPA) contemporary art gallery Greensboro Project Space (GPS) has partnered with Peacehaven Community Farm to create a mini-museum featuring a continuous, free, tiny art exchange between GPS, the UNCG community, Peacehaven, and the local Greensboro community. The mini-museum opened with an ...
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image of photographer

Meet Terri McNaughton – Photographer

Tell us about yourself? I’m a photographic artist, organic gardener and habitat steward at Drewids Sanctuary, tree-hugging environmentalist, intersectional feminist, conflicted pacifist, off-the-beaten- path wanderer, and hopeless dreamer. Or, I am an artist who uses photography, design and mixed media as a way to explore and confront personal ...
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image of artist

Meet: Mary Rezin – Sculpture and Ceramics

Hi Mary, tell us about yourself? My name is Mary Rezin, I am 22 years old, and I am a sculptor! I was homeschooled until grade 11, when I started taking classes at Alamance Community College. I came to UNCG wanting to do Graphic Design, but when I ...
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Meet: Mark Boone – Animation

Tell us about yourself? My name is Mark Boone, I’m 20 years old and I’m a character concept artist and animator. My favorite movie is El Dorado and my favorite color is gold (gee, I wonder if that’s a coincidence…!) Was there a moment or time in your ...
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Meet: Eliza Rosebrock – Art History

Hi Eliza, please tell us about yourself? I’m essentially a grandma in a 25-year-old’s body. I love quiet nights in with my partner, knitting and watching movies, organizing and re-organizing our bookshelves, and trying to keep plants alive. However, I’ve also worked in coffee for a few years ...
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Dean bruce mcclung handing out cookies to first-year students

CVPA Welcomes New Students, Faculty, and Staff

The College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) at UNC Greensboro has admitted the largest freshman class since 2018—275 in the Class of 2026—plus transfer and graduate students for a total of 451 new students. Dean bruce mcclung and the Directors of the Schools of Art, Dance, Music, ...
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Persistence of Vision: Exhibit Celebrates the Birth of Animation

It’s a moving art exhibition—literally—to coincide with the School of Art’s forward motion in launching a new BFA degree concentration in Animation. Running August 10th through September 27th in the gallery of the Maud Gatewood Studio Arts Building, Persistence of Vision features more than twenty-five beautifully preserved animation ...
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BFA Rachael Hayes in Italy Artist Residency

Rachael Hayes (BFA Sculpture and Ceramics 2021) finally made it to Italy for her previously delayed Artist Residency with the Digital Stone Carving Project! The Digital Stone Project was founded in 2005 by sculptors who wanted to create a new way of working in stone by leveraging the ...
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