Khristopher Smalling headshot

College of Visual and Performing Arts Dean bruce d. mcclung has announced the appointment of Khristopher Smalling as Academic Professional: Assistant Professor in Music Production and Technology. 

Smalling is a second-generation Jamaican American, multi-instrumentalist, classically trained trombonist, electronic music producer, arranger, and educator. He has taught “Electronic Music Production,” “Studio Recording Techniques,” and “Overview of the Music Industry” as an Assistant Professor of Music Business at Winston-Salem State University. 

Throughout his career, Smalling has demonstrated versatility and an innovative approach to music. As a lead bass/baritone vocalist with the Bach Choir of Pittsburgh and an integral member of the Employees of Funk brass band, he left an impact on Pittsburgh’s music scene. In addition to his performances and educational appointments, Khristopher has explored electronic music, incorporating elements of old-school Jungle and Drum & Bass influenced by the global Jamaican diaspora. Often integrating sampled brass horns into his compositions, he reflects his cultural roots in his creative process. 

Smalling’s studies on Black American music styles and experimentation with Hindustani music on the sitar have enriched his compositions. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of sources including Berlin techno, EU dance music, video game music, film scores, and more, he continuously integrates elements from various cultural genres into his work, resulting in a dynamic and eclectic sound palette. 

He has worked with independent artists, creatives, and art collectives in North Carolina and Pennsylvania. Actively involved in DIY projects and underground music and art scenes, he contributes to community creativity and innovation. 

Smalling holds a Master of Music (MM) in Trombone Performance from Carnegie Mellon University and a Bachelor of Music (BM) in Trombone Performance from the University of North Carolina School of the Arts.