Aubria Battle '23 BFA Dance

Aubria Battle

BFA-Dance, Choreography/Performance, Minor in Psychology

Hometown: Wake Forest, North Carolina

What was it that led you to pursue a life in the arts?

I’ve been an artist for the majority of my life, so it only made sense for me to pursue an education in the fine arts. During my childhood, I was exposed to music, dance training, piano lessons, and creative production. My journey as a dancer began at age four. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be a performer: there was something specifically about being on stage that felt like home.

Why did you choose UNCG’s College of Visual and Performing Arts?

The School of Dance at UNCG felt like the best of both worlds—conservatory training in a large, liberal arts setting, and that’s what I wanted as my college experience. UNCG has an essence like no other school, it felt like new beginnings and home all in one. I’ve always yearned for a space that was safe, open to collaboration, and diverse. UNCG and the School of Dance embodied these qualities.

You are also getting a Minor in Psychology. How does that fit with your Dance degree?

I connected on the mental health aspect of dance and how it can be used as a form of therapy. I noticed the correlation between mental health and movement whether it’s artistic—like dancing—or simply going for a walk. These observations inspired me to learn more about the psychology program at UNCG. In the future, I want to become a dance therapist who focuses more on the mental wellbeing of a person by giving access to people from other walks of life to connect with each other and themselves.

How was CVPA/UNCG a good fit for you?

My experience at the College of Visual and Performing Arts was one-of-a-kind. I am beyond grateful for the School of Dance. It was the very first dance environment where I felt valued and seen. The faculty supported me while challenging my ideas. UNCG has supported me by providing a variety of additional resources like counseling and adjustments for my learning disability (Attention-Deficit Disorder). I wouldn’t have made it this far without the collective effort in my undergraduate career.

What is your favorite thing about CVPA, UNCG, and/or Greensboro?

My favorite thing about UNCG is how diverse the environment is. I have encountered so many people with different backgrounds who have added value to my learning experience.

What are your future plans?

I have so many plans! I’d like to continue widening my scope as a multidisciplinary artist. I’m currently into lighting design and want to establish myself in the technical theater field. With that being said, I’m planning on having my own discography with my music, continuing the body of work through movement, and all of the unknown things that I have yet to discover about myself.

What is something you gained at CVPA/UNCG that you will take with you on your next step in your journey?

I have discovered the power of advocating for myself, asking questions, collaboration, conversation, and observation. As a creative artist, “the process” is everything, and these qualities have enriched my learning. My mentor, Christopher Fleming, would always ask his students “What did you notice today?” to take a step outside of yourself and into the world. To honor Chris’s legacy, I’ve integrated his daily question as a part of my process and will continue to carry the conversations and collaborations that I’ve made with all of my professors on my next journey.

What is your advice for current or future Spartans?

Trust the process and be okay with the unknown. You cannot predict everything. You will fail at things, and that is okay. It’s all part of the process. Your learning experience is yours and no one else’s. So, be open to change and give yourself space to grow because you are constantly evolving as an individual.

Story by Terri W. Relos

Photo credit: Brandon Demery