Ethan Everhart '23 BM Music Pop Tech

Ethan Everhart 

BM-Performance: Popular Music and Technology 

Hometown: Lexington, NC 

What was it that led you to pursue a life in the arts?  

I went to my older sister’s band concerts when I was in elementary school, and I knew that I wanted to play an instrument when I got to middle school. My middle and high school band directors encouraged me to continue with music after graduating from high school. When I first heard of the Popular Music and Technology (PopTech) program, I was already a few years into a Music Education degree, but I knew almost immediately that the new program was right for me. I switched programs and saw my passion for music reignite. 

Why did you choose UNCG’s College of Visual and Performing Arts? 

I chose UNCG for the city and the campus. When I toured UNCG, I was astounded by the beauty of the campus and its location within Greensboro—none of the other schools I saw could compare. 

How was CVPA/UNCG a good fit for you? 

UNCG gave me the freedom to take my time and to explore my interests. I think without that, I wouldn’t be completely satisfied in my field. CVPA encouraged me to diversify my experiences in music.

What is your favorite thing about CVPA, UNCG, and/or Greensboro? 

Greensboro is an amazing place for musicians and artists alike. Places like the Coliseum, the Tanger Center, the Carolina Theatre, and countless small venues and coffee shops will ensure that you have a place where your music can be heard and give you places to hear other musicians as well.

What are your future plans? 

I intend to stay in Greensboro to continue work as an audio engineer in live sound while maintaining a music business on the side. 

What is something you gained at CVPA/UNCG that you will take with you on your next step in your journey? 

I was able to successfully start an on-location audio recording business called MANTIS Audio, LLC during my time at UNCG.  

What is your advice for current or future Spartans? 

Don’t be afraid to say “yes,” even if you think you aren’t ready. Opportunities are around every corner and those only lead to more and better opportunities. Your next step in life may only be one “yes” away. 

Story by Terri W. Relos

Photo credit: Colby Laws