Tell us about yourself?
I am 21 and a recent graduate from UNCG
Major in New Media and Design
I am from a Taiwanese family and born in Michigan
I have a dog named Akali, a conure named Floofy, and a parakeet named Shiro.
Hobbies and interests include drawing, painting, making props, fashion, photography, dance, computer building, video games, houseplants, and reading.

Was there a moment or time in your life when you realized you wanted to be an artist?
The moment I realized I wanted to be an artist was when I took a random summer art camp during middle school. The teacher was incredibly nice to me and introduced all sorts of materials and resources for me to try. I remember going to an art store after the camp ended and was extremely excited to buy a watercolor palette and a book about fashion illustration.

What discipline or medium do make most of you work in?
In terms of my professional work, I work with digital media. This includes illustration, design, and some photography and motion graphics. I decided on digital media because it is increasingly becoming more relevant in our daily lives, and we are always surrounded by results of technology combined with art. As hobbies, I am interested in all kinds of art forms. I love making sculptures and 3D objects, painting with acrylic, oil, and watercolor, drawing with charcoal, oil pastels, markers, and colored pencils, making collages, and more.



Currently, what is your art practice about?
My art somewhat stems from watching and playing video games ever since I was young. I was drawn to those unimaginable worlds and the stories being told. I love creating peaceful and serene works that can range from fantastical worlds to romanticized aspects of mundane life. I think my art describes the outlook on life that I strive to have. I also really like incorporating nature into my art.

Why do you make art?
I make art because I always wish to be in a perfect, exaggerated, and ethereal version of our reality. I always imagine immersing myself in a different world. Art provides the full freedom to create a unique universe, and the process of inventing it is a positive response and refutation of my stress and anxiety. My goal is to share my imagination and invite viewers into places I find comfort in.

What kind of experiences did you have in the School of Art that you found memorable and valuable to you as an artist?
I honestly can’t pinpoint anything that wasn’t a good experience or valuable to me as an artist. Every instructor is incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. There are infinite resources openly available, and students are encouraged to use them. I have not personally participated in any events, but I have seen many interesting ones being hosted and clubs that seem great to be a part of. It has been really encouraging to be surrounded by people who are just as passionate about art as I am, and I never felt out of place.

What would you say to someone who wants to pursue a creative life but on the fence about a degree path in Art at UNCG?
If art is truly what you are passionate about, then definitely go for it. I think it is important to know what you are getting yourself into though, and always do your research to make sure you have no regrets. The students and staff at UNCG have been incredibly kind and understanding, and I am sure that new students will have a great experience here. For those who love art, but do not have the opportunity to earn an art degree due to other circumstances, I want to encourage them to always continue being an artist. You can always keep building your portfolio and continue enjoying art.

How can we all connect with you and learn more about your art?
Instagram – @king.arisa
Portfolio –