Tell us about yourself?
My name is Mark Boone, I’m 20 years old and I’m a character concept artist and animator. My favorite movie is El Dorado and my favorite color is gold (gee, I wonder if that’s a coincidence…!)

Was there a moment or time in your life when you realized you wanted to be an artist?
Probably when I was 14 or 15 I decided I wanted to do art as a career and not just as a hobby. I was never a popular or chatty kid so I found peace in creating worlds and
stories to pass the time in school.

What discipline or medium do make most of you work in?
I work almost exclusively digitally in procreate, but often sketch and write down ideas in a traditional paper sketchbook. I dabble in 3D art and programs such as blender and maya but I’m much less skilled in this field than the others. Professor Chris Cassidy (3D modeling) and Professor Dan hale (2D animation) really sparked my drive to produce
more work (and not only because there was a deadline!)

Currently, what is your art practice about?
If I could best explain the chaos of my artistic preferences to make, it would be that I tend to be drawn to the supernatural and unusual. Ghosts, wizards, aliens, vampires, and all other creatures in between fascinate me because there’s so much to know and views about them are always something different!



What is does your art practice do for you? In other words, why do you make art?

I make art to express things words cannot. My head is bursting with stories and pictures that I yearn to share to the world. Each being a piece of who I am. Stories about guiding oneself through unfamiliar territory, pushing to change the world for the better, and figuring out oneself along the way….that, and I like doodling goofy little characters doing silly little things!

What kind of experiences did you have in the School of Art that you found memorable and valuable to you as an artist? 

I’ve had a countless amount of change since first setting foot in the School of Art. I’ve found peers and friends who are just as enthusiastic as me when if comes to art, professors who are incredible with making you feel comfortable while helping you exceed in every way they can, showcases and events that allowed me to see and experience & interact art and people I would have never gotten the chance to without, as well as being able to showcase my own. There’s not a single negative aspect I can think of regarding my experiences in the School of Art within the grand scheme of things.

What would you say to someone who wants to pursue a creative life but on the fence about a degree path in Art at UNCG?
Take a shot at it! Even if you know nothing about art, the program will help you to find that anyone can be an artist regardless of your skill level going in!

How can we all connect with you and learn more about your art? 
I’ve got Instagram and a portfolio website! They are @moone_the_alien (Instagram), and (website)! Both are a bit of a work in progress and subject to change or stagnate a bit, but art takes time so bear with me.