Adapt 2022 Poster

The Adapt Conference has always been about getting ready for what’s next. In the past, the Adapt conference has helped instructors prepare for online and technology-mediated content delivery. This year, Adapt 2022 will focus on our changing educational landscape and address all delivery formats (face-to-face, hybrid, hyflex, and online). Our classrooms are evolving with different student populations and new approaches to engagement. Join us as we learn how UNCG faculty are adapting to new delivery formats, overcoming pedagogical hurdles and using new technology options to create inclusive, meaningful experiences for our students.

This year’s conference will offer sessions in a variety of formats from UNCG faculty and staff. Most sessions will be held synchronously in Zoom with select events on campus. Adapt sessions will allow attendees to experience new technology options, learn best practices, and participate in interdisciplinary networking events.

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