Mikhaila Eller Portrait

Mikhaila Eller is a mover in more ways than one. The Stratford, Connecticut native reports that she has been a dancer for her entire life and has always had a passion for the arts. She also has a strong desire to move the needle on issues in the community and decided that working with nonprofit organizations would be a good fit.

Eller came to UNC Greensboro as a transfer student and was looking for a school that would support both of her passions:

“I discovered that I have a passion for the business side of the arts, so I was looking for a strong Arts Administration program. UNC Greensboro definitely has that. I’ve also enjoyed their dance program and dance class offerings, which is another reason I was attracted to this University.”

She says taking the leap and transferring to UNC Greensboro have both been great experiences:

“Dance was my entire life. I’m extremely proud of deciding to transfer to UNC Greensboro. Making that decision was hard, but it was something I needed to do. I had to take the time to truly listen to myself and admit I wasn’t necessarily happy where I was in life. I then also needed to find out where I could really make a home for myself. UNC Greensboro looked like that place for me.” 

Eller jumped in with both feet. She has served as a CVPA Student Ambassador, giving tours and helping other prospective students see how UNC Greensboro could be the place for them, too. She also got involved in a number of community engagement projects through an internship with ArtsGreensboro:

“My advice to future Spartans is to get involved! There are so many resources and fun events that UNC Greensboro offers that really made my college experience unique. I also recommend using every opportunity you can to expand your network, because you never know who the people you meet in college may impact your career in the future. “

Eller is currently the Development Intern with Greensboro Downtown Parks, Inc. and is exploring full-time positions at some other nonprofit organizations so that she can continue to make an impact on the world:

“I honestly hope that those with decision-making power and local community members take charge and make change within their communities. No singular person should be the driving force behind community change.”

Story by Terri W. Relos

Photo provided by Mikhaila Eller