Victoria Grelecki came to UNC Greensboro’s College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) with a passion for performing — a love of the arts that started when she was just five years old. It was nurtured by her parents and teachers and teachers as she twirled and acted on stages in her hometown of Concord, North Carolina.

Victoria says that passion now has a dance partner — perseverance:
“CVPA was a great fit for me because it pushed me in ways that I didn’t realize I needed. I have learned to be resourceful and resilient. I feel like the energy on this campus is that of strength and perseverance.”

She credits the School of Theatre faculty for helping her find that same strength and perseverance in herself:

“They have all guided me and taught me valuable lessons but above all Josh Purvis (Lecturer in Theatre Education) has been a beacon of light throughout my time here. He has supported me and guided me through some of the hardest decisions and discoveries of my life. I have seen him go above and beyond for so many students.”

Victoria wants to do the same for others, as she makes plans for her career in the arts:

“I plan to help K-12 students who are struggling with learning remotely as well as pursuing jobs in children’s theatre and in all aspects of theatre production and management. I hope to continue to direct, to perform, and to choreograph. My desire to learn will not end after graduation day.”

“Finishing college during a pandemic has been like being in a marathon that no one sees you run. You just have to trust you’re doing the right thing and keep going.”

Sounds like a job for passion and perseverance.