Allison Hines has logged plenty of hours in the spotlight but decided her real calling was behind the scenes creating the tangible art that brings a story to life on the stage. When she started looking at colleges she was tenacious about finding one with a good Design and Technical Production program:

“I was accepted at UNC Greensboro, but I didn’t really know much about the University or what the vibe was like. I had emailed Chip Haas (School of Theatre Technical Director) asking him about a billion questions about the tech theatre Design and Technical Production program. He answered every one of them and invited me for a tour of the spaces. That solidified my excitement and wonder for this University.”

Hines focused her time in the School of Theatre on costuming. She considers Deb Bell (Professor of Costume Design), Amy Holroyd (Costume Studio Supervisor), and Jehann Gilman (Lecturer, Hair, Wig and Makeup Specialist) mentors whose lessons will stay with her for life:

“They are wonderful and confident women from whom I am proud to have learned. They were great to let me ask questions and toss around ideas. They also allowed me to fall flat on my face, which taught me it is okay to make mistakes which really is the best way to learn.”

In the midst of a pandemic, the theatre industry is unpredictable, but Allison says she’s ready to take it on:

“I’m applying and exploring a number of jobs, and we’ll see where I land. I fully expect to bounce around the country and world to follow my work. I hope to work with lots of talented people along the way.”

She concludes:

“It’s okay if your path isn’t perfectly planned out. I’ve learned it’s okay to mess up. In my world, it’s just paper and fabric. If you make a mistake, congratulations! You just found a way to not make that garment but to create something else.”