Congratulations to all of the CVPA students who participated in this year’s 14th Annual Carolyn and Norwood Thomas Undergraduate Research and Creativity Expo! Thanks also go to all of the faculty mentors who advised these research projects. If you would like to sample the research of our undergraduate students, just click on the project title for the YouTube link to the project:

For Samantha
Student Authors: Asher Sizemore, Senior (Music), Sean Mulcahy, Senior (Music), Lihuen Sirvent, Post-Bac (Music)
Faculty Mentor: Alejandro Rutty (Music)

Artificial Emotional Intelligence: Perfectly Imperfect Performance in Pierce Gradone’s “Automaton”
Student Author: Taylor Barlow, Junior (Music)
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Hudson (Music)

Walking as a Critical Practice
Student Authors: Arielle Smallwood, Post-Bac (Media Studies), Inda Baldwin, Senior (Dance), Alexandria Vilchis, Senior (Music), and Elisabeth Fisher (Media Studies)
Faculty Mentor: Jennida Chase (Media Studies), Lee Walton (Art), and Clarice Young (Dance)

The Bombarde Reed: Understanding the Design and Construction
Student Author: Alex Stewart, Junior (Music)
Faculty Mentor: Mary Ashley Barret (Music)

Designing Costumes for Pippin, One of the School of Theatre’s Mainstage Productions
Student Author: Jacquelyn Whiteside, Senior (Theatre)
Faculty Mentor: Deborah Bell (Theatre)

The (Discriminatory) History of Black Employment in the Entertainment Industry
Student Author: Zarek Williams, Sophomore (Theatre)
Faculty Mentor: Sara Littlejohn (Ashby College)

At the Intersection of Art, Research and Inclusion: Using Devised Theater as a Research Methodology to Explore Student Worldviews on Inclusion
Student Authors: Kara Yost, Sophomore (Theatre), Torey Allen, Sophomore (Deaf Education), and Catherine Minton, Senior (CTP)
Faculty Mentors: Lalenja Harrington (Education Leadership and Cultural Foundations) and Marcia Hale (Peace and Conflict Studies)page39image1839025504

A Day in the Life of a Professional Ballet Dancer: What Is It Like?
Student Author: Hannah Duell, Sophomore (Dance)
Faculty Mentor: John Sopper (Grogan College)

Understanding Unique Styles of the Composing Flutist
Student Authors: Elizabeth Church, Senior (Music), Holly Boucher, Senior (Music)
Faculty Mentor: Erika Boysen (Music)

The New World Is (Blood)/Red
Student Author: Isaiah Collins, Junior (Music)
Faculty Mentor: Andrew Hudson (Music)

Kandake Amanirenas: Legacy of Kush and Women in the Ancient World
Student Author: Tyree Myers, Sophomore (Music)
Faculty Mentors: Omar Ali (AADS) and Rebecca Muich (Classical Studies)

MAMA Mindfulness Arts Mindfulness Action
Student Authors: Cameron Robinson, Junior, Tevondre Bryant, Sophomore, and Carla Fuller, Junior (Theatre)
Faculty Mentor: Denise Gabriel (Theatre)

The Mermaid of Bellcove Bay
Student Author: Alex Faulkner, Junior (Acting)
Faculty Mentor: Denise Gabriel (Theatre)

Tennessee for Pre-Teens: Tennessee Williams’ Short Fiction as Theatre for Young Audiences
Student Author: Matthew Lopez, Senior (Anthropology, Drama)
Faculty Mentors: Denise Gabriel and Rachel Briley (Theatre)

Down the Rabbit Hole of Mary Blair
Student Authors: Michelle Calderon, Junior (Arts Administration), Victoria Scott, Senior (Sociology), Grace Clifford, Senior (Classical Civilization, Art History), Alexis Faggart, (New Media, Design)
Faculty Mentor: Heather Holian (Art)

Disney Women Artists of Today: Shaping the Visual Art Direction
Student Authors: Joanna Haboon, Senior (Arts Administration), Claire Depaoli, Senior (Arts Administration), Simon Wharton, Senior (Art), Jaziah Johnson (Art)
Faculty Mentor: Heather Holian (Art)