Art alumni group photo

Jewels is an exhibition curated by Associate Professor Emerita Amy Purcell and is a celebration of her 30 years on the faculty at UNCG’s School of Art.

The exhibition features the work of twenty-one of Purcell’s former students — people whom she calls her “jewels” — and runs through December 5th.  

An opening reception was held on November 16th, followed by a retirement dinner for Purcell which was attended by many of the alumni artists.

Purcell has three of her own pieces in the show. 

Other works are by:



Melissa C. Ball-Martin ‘00 MFA Studio Art, BS Art Education

Johannes Barfield ‘13 BFA New Media and Design

Jasmine Best ‘16 BFA New Media and Design

Kathryn Cook ‘18 MFA

Jym Davis ‘03 MFA 

Bryan Colburn Ellis ‘00 BFA Design

Gina Gibson ‘06 MFA Studio

Quinn Hunter ‘16 BFA New Media and Design

Bill Klingensmith‘98 MFA Painting/Digital Imaging

Alexandra Litaker ‘19 MFA Studio Art

Lukasz Lysakowski ‘99 BA Media Production

Susan Mullally ‘03 MA

Timothy Brett Mullinix ‘91 BFA, ‘93 MFA

Janet Oliver ‘02 MFA

Brandon Pierce ‘01 BFA Studio Art

Arton Ragsdale ‘02 BFA Studio Art

John Rash ‘00 BFA Art Education

Derek S. Toomes ‘04 BFA, ‘18 MFA

Kyle T. Webster ‘99 BFA

Stephanie J. Woods ‘12 BFA New Media and Design, ‘15 MFA

Liliya Zalevskaya ‘10 MFA