The David and Tina Ostergaard Endowed Scholarship in Theatre

Posted on November 05, 2019

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When David Ostergaard graduated in 2002, he left UNCG with two degrees, and the skills and confidence to start Bright Star Touring Theatre.
“UNCG has impacted so much of my life.  I graduated with a BFA in acting and a BA in history.  So naturally I opened a theatre company that specializes in bringing history to life for students across the country and around the world. UNCG empowered me to be able to make the moves necessary to launch this business while providing an incredible foundation of skills necessary to put shows together — sewing costumes, playwriting, casting, marketing, and more.”
Today, Bright Star Touring Theatre is an international enterprise, and David and his wife, Tina, have started other businesses, including an eBay operation and a consulting firm for entrepreneurs like themselves.
They recently started thinking about how to use their resources to make a difference in the lives of theatre students at their alma maters.
“We remember the struggle of paying our tuition and finding that balance in that final year of college between classwork and starting the transition to the ‘real world.’   We are hopeful that by creating the David and Tina Ostergaard Endowed Scholarship in Theatre,  we can help ease the burden of a student’s workload and, even if in a small way, eliminate some of the crazy debt that ends up following students off campus.
We want our scholarship recipient to feel like their future as an artist is well within reach.”
When David and Tina aren’t working, they enjoy travel, and they have just visited their seventh continent and 50th country together.   Tina has a self-described obsession with all things holiday and has parlayed that into a side business, as well.  (Follow her on Instagram @mrs.osterglam.)  David says he is thankful for the fullness of their lives together:
“In thinking about ways we could give back to those that have given us so much, it only felt right to create endowments at each of our Universities.  Though a graduate of Texas State University, Tina likes to think of herself as an honorary Spartan and she always comes back to UNCG with me for things like Homecoming and UCLS performances.  We really have loved our relationship with UNCG.
Our hope is that, if you’re reading this, you’ll consider making a gift:  create your own legacy and help a fellow spartan on their path!”

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